Thursday, August 27, 2009

Something is definitely wrong with me..

It's 2.24am in the morning, and yet I am still awake, even though I have class the following noon.. I guess that doesn't do much harm right? My class be starting around 1pm anyway, and that pretty much all the class I have this semester...

Woooaaa!! Wait!! I know you might be wondering, "what the fcuk? Only 1 class???" Yea, you heard right.. I only have 1 class this whole semester.. For me, this is mighty fun, but for you, you'd be shaking your head or smile.. Or something.. The truth is, I brought this on myself.. I was having so much fun, and I skipped class and all, didn't hand in assignments ( not that I know what assignment there was.. ) Silly eh? During the process, I wasted a HELL LOT OF MONEY!

Sigh.. I wonder what is wrong with me ( we're way over about the 1 class 1 semester stuff ) I get so easily affected by everything.. I get moody so easily, I get sad easily.. Let's just say, I'm turning into an emo' person!! >_<

And no, I do not cut myself or anything.. It's just that I am easily affected, emotionally.. I watched a movie past two days, " Love of Siam ".. Yeaaaa!! I know, it's a gay-movie and all, but it centralized on love values, and about life itself.. It's really good.. =]

It's really good till I am still thinking about it until now! I mean, I can't let it out of my mind.. That's all I'm thinking.. I can't stop listening to its soundtrack, and it's been going on the loop for ages in my iTunes.. There's like, something pulling me to this story.. I can't think of anything reasonable out of this.. Does my self yearn for such love..? Or does my self yearn to be as lucky as them..? Or be as attractive..? Hahahah.. Seriously, I have no idea.. I can't even tell myself what it is I am thinking.. There's too much feelings and thoughts runnning through my mind now..

I wish I am an open book, so I can just easily read myself and easily figure out what is wrong with me.. I mean, all these emotion thingy, they're girls job right..? T_T

Oh I am fasting now.. It's the fasting month.. Haha.. Feels good.. I only have one meal one day, and I try to limit myself by only eating 3slices of ham/bologna/chicken and 3pieces of bread and fresh salad.. Yea, I only eat sandwich during the breaking fast with soya milk..

p/s : I do not eat during supper / sahur' ( eating in the morning ).. Reason why? I hate waking up and simply I just don't feel like eating in the morning.. =]

Ciao.. I'll try updating regularly now.. hahah!

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