Sunday, January 25, 2009


* in a cute adorable way.. hehe~ *

p/s : mesti suspen kan tgk my post punya title? hehehe~

Today i went out to meet Agnes, one of the SUPER Cupcakes-duo in KL Central to get my ordered cuppies.. Wee hee~ I was super excited. actually!! =]

I ordered cuppies frm Agnes this time with "Chinese New Year theme" so i think u can guess wat decor' shud be on the cuppies right? =]

Mostly red ( PROSPEROUS and they look good on me.. LOL!!! ) and orange
( symbolizes the cute zesty oranges and just because they reminded me of $$$$$$$ ) and Moo Moo~ ( because its their year.. teehee~ )

And we took pictures.. picture too.. Geez, shud hv ask'd fr more pictures.. hehehe~ but i was shy.. Lol~ Its hard fr me to say, " can i take pics wit u..more? "

i'd be thinkng and shoutng and debatng bout it in my mind and just let the moments slip'd away.. awww.. too bad eh? hehehe~ Nevermnd, ders always next time.. teehee~

anyway, Agnes asked me to take pictures wit the cupcakes ( wic i WOULD HV DID even without her telling me too.. Lol.. )

So heres some pictures ( i took like, 50 but im only puttng in 5.. Geez, uploadng kills me.. too slow.. )

in KL Central.. Agnes look'd like a pro-businesswoman.. =]
( and i tried soo hard nt to lose to her so i gv out my 1Million worth smile.. LOL~ )

My cuppies... Orange.. oh, no red.. Hhahahaa~ Oh well.. its ok, they will STILL look good in my mouth~ Ym yum~~

And finally, the reason why i HATE cuppies???
They're just sooo cute!!! I feel sad when eating em!!

Cute fishie!! Hw can i bite u?? Uuuuuuuuuuuu~~

And more pics of me cam-whoring with food.. Lol~~ But hey, we Malaysians are cam-whore freaks right???? * and im so proud of dat fact!! *

Gwwz, i dunno hw to eat em with? shud i.. erm.. lol.. Well, kill tat thought.. =]

Wats next? next next.. Valentines Day???? wow~ Yea gud idea~ Heheheh` Aggie.. later i send u an email.. =]

fr those out there tat, well, wants to order cuppies frm these two cuppies-diva, please feel free to order from em' via.. erm.. email can, phone call can.. heres a link to their blog..


Order ah?? pls pls order? Help em' grow their "perusahaan".. is it business? can i use the word "business"? Hurm..

Till then,


Hv a happy happy CNY!!


Saturday, January 24, 2009


Not that it matter'd anyway.. haha~

But thats the thng, IM BACK!!

Fully loaded, i guess.. and i doubt..

Well, sorryyy sorry everybody.. Ive been MIA-ing these past few weeks.. or was it days?

Hurm.. I cant quite recall.. Hhehehe~

Anyway, most of u prolly wonderng wat the HELL i've been doing all these while and why???


because theres no internet connection!! Pls dun ask me "why" again..

Im so gonna thrust a cucumber up ur arse! ( im soo bored during the internet-less period, and its still affecting me tremendously.. )

* i thnk the idea is appealing tho.. hahahha~ * 

ehem ehem~ excuse me.. 

and to top it all up, my FAVORITE ONLINE GAME EVER!!

XDO ( XDO webbie )

have been terminated and.. well, upgraded to Season2 and i din knw anythng bout it!!

So i had ta download the new installer ( a fcuking 1.9GB )

which will take like, wat, 100++hours?

and in this disasterrificly slow internet connection?

aaaaa, i rather go "screw" random ppl frst.. Lol!!! 

ehem ehem.. excuse me.. 

cant wait to play Season 2 worr!!!!  =]

Ooooo XDO!! muah muah muah muah muah muah muah muah!!! 

heres some of my activities during my edo-period internet-less moments :

i shaved.. hahaha~ 

i read.. Twilight too!! Ooo muah muah muah muah muah muah!!
 ( i wanna be a vamp' too!! Grrrrrr~~ )

i made huge mess on my bed! eeeeee!! damn!! =( the stains gonna last!! 


pls dun salah sangka aka miss-interpret.. =]

its actually just...

stupid lotion!!! had to use my Kleenex tissue to clean em!! Quality dijamin.. Lol!! 

( wat u thnk the white thingy jst nw? seriously i wont put photo like dat here!! eeeee!! )

Hehehe.. i dunno if i can be online again.. just postng this blog post took me well, like, 24hours? 


Till then. =]

"i still remmbr u.. u were always in me mind.. " 

Friday, January 9, 2009

Okay okay okay...

Like, i knw i said i will nevr ever ever blog again fr some time, but i just cant help it when i saw dis link by dis one particular guy frm dis friend... =] 

Geez, dry fr the lack of information.. Trust me, it is seriously nt my fault.. 


So like, the link directs me this thingy.. Blog Rating..

Since i was curious, and was in dire need to knw wats my blogs' rating...

I signed up fr the test and then the next thing i saw...


Then , 


And result was...

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

And only because these words appeared in my blog..

Ehem ehem~

Drugs = 3x

Sex = 2x

Fuck = 1x

Geeezzz!!! Seriously ba!! Soo evil!! ( but hey, i knw these words actually appeared more than mentioned, just i spelt fuck as fcuk.. Hahahha~ Oh well..  )

I'm done fr nw.. Hhahaha~~ Thnks fr being a good sport! 

Oh and if ur curious too, and wanna find out ur blogs rating, click here.. I mean, HERE!!! Heheheh~

I'm sentenced to Death like, in a week or two by my parents.. =]

I luv u all..

Tch.. So sad to say goodbye~

Goodbye, Cruel World~

"Ah, the time is near...

The time is now...

GoodBye Cruel World...

Till we meet again... "


The internet is such a magical thing...


Hahaha.. I wish i were "smart" like them too.. Teehee~

I am..

.............SOOO FCUKING PISSED!!!

eEeeee!! Would someone tell me or rather, TEACH me how to change the boring "comments" word to somethng more cool and fun???

I tried gazillions of times already and i failed, obviously...

* shouting like a bitch and throwing stuff around *

Teach me, someone!!! anybody!!!

Please!! =(

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hump humpy hump!!

When i visit my blog just nw, i saw this sooo precious note left from Miss Mathew, another sis of mine / ( spell it, S - L - A - S -H ) teacher... Awwww.. Im soo touched.. So without wasting any more time, i went to her blog and dropped her notes too, just so she knw dat i had received her notes and im thankful fr dat.. and luv her fr dat~~ =)

You must think im crazy, calling everybody im close with as sis or bro or sumthng, but i guess dats just me.. Not hiding in a shell, or skin, or anythng.. Just me.. The real me.. Im very "manja" type, which sumtimes bugs myself.. Hw d hell a 19 20 year old guy be "manja"? Errr, sorry, "manja" is, well, hw u say it in English without making me look like a pussy.. Erm, compassionate? Lol!!!!

Yea, nw i have my sis Jenna and bro David, who been taking good care of me, both in mentally and physically.. ( yea, they keep inviting me to buffet outings.. geez.. ) But at least u knw, i'm well fed.. Lol~ And they support me morally too.. Soo nice to hv older siblings eh?

dun u thnk they look cute togetr?

And i have my sis Mathew aka Teacher Luvable.. Hehehhe~ Shes my English teacher back when i was in Form3.. Ahhhh, shes like, strict-responsible-crazy-flamboyant-cool-teenager like teacher.. Guess dats wat makes her easy to get along with.. Huhh~ =] Im glad i knw her.. =]

- eee, i dun hv her picture around!! lets ask her fr it later k? eheheh.. -

Hurm, well wat am i trying to say in this blog?

Nothing.. Im just talking crap.... Like, u shud knw me by nw.. I dun hv anythng specific to write.. watever i write is wat i feel during the moment or just wat i was thinking since i think too much..


Oh yea, i luv Cedric.. =]

*hint hint!!* Thnks Robb!!

Finally.. ( yea right.. )

Took me about ten seconds after the previous blog post of mine for me to realised wat hv i been missing.. My dreadful 2009 resolutions.. It aint New Year without new resolutions, new "self", new attitude, new everythng dat u can think of! Lol!

So here i am, without my new self, without my new attitude, but with new resolutions dat i think, well, "i think" will work out fr me in evil evil 2009..

1. I won't care wat other ppl say bout me.. I will just simply bitch at em back.. lol.. ( dis is soo last year~ )

2. I'm gonna ignore all crazy lamentation, comments, snide, from crazy ppl..

3. I'm gonna be more prepared fr my Uni.. ( geez, hopefully this is nt empty talks nw.. Lol.. )

4. I will only buy a SHIRT ( a SINGLE shirt ) once a month! ( dis gonna cost me a great deal! )

5. I'm gonna be more, well, attentive of my health n weight.. Lol!!

6. Expectations? 65kg!! Wahahahah!! ( Hey! Dun smile/smirk/roll eyes der!!! I hate u!! )

7. I'm gonna concentrate more on my studies!

8. I wont be going back KK dis year!! Never ever!!

9. I will "TRY" not to act cute so much anymore.. ( eeeee, im going 20 dis year!! OMG!! )

Author's note :

OMG!! Im going to be 20 dis year!! Arrgghh!! Crap crap clap racp!! Eeee!! Im old, like, aaaa.. Gray hair will start to grow on me!! Eeeee!! Kids will be calling me uncle!! Fr God's sake!! Dont!! Nooooooo!! Aaaaa!! Im 20!!! Omg!! And im still a year behind of 21, which automatically legalize me to do everythng dat i want!! Like, voting? Sex? Lol!!!! Just joking!!! Im just joking! Hhahaha~ Im too saint-like to be having sex nw.. Lol!!! And my face dun look sex-able.. Hhahaha~ HIhih!

10. I will eat less! No way im losing to resolution number 6!! Hhahaha!!

11. I will be more myself.. self-expressing and stuff.. I guess? Lol!!

Dats all fr my resolution fr 2009.. Well, simple and predictable... Cliche and boring.. Usual and common... Sigh.. Maybe i shud put der, i will put make-ups on when attending class? Hahahha!! Nw dat wud ROCK, big time! Lol!!

Hopelessly in Luv~

And its nt dangerously in luv, okay~~

Just for your knowledge, i am a complete idiot in love matters.. Throw me some romantic messages and treat me nice, u'll have me lolling for you.. And i am serious about this, i am no joking.. Hehehe~ But dat doesnt mean you shud start sending me some romantic messages, okay!! Cause i bet its nt gonna work now that i..... * big looong pause *

heheheh.. guess thru it?


Oh hey!! Roz here.. Fr the first time in 2009!! Weeee!! Its finally 2009.. like u get wat i mean? Another year have passed and still, here we are.. Trying to live our life.. Trying to reach expectations; gettng harder and harsher than before.. Struggling our beautiful asses to meet the demand of the society, and in my case, my university and my parents.. Lol..

Geez, i blogged late, apparently.. Too much thngs need to do, and i had too much time spare on my side, and i started to think which is always nt really healthy.. I get all these negative thoughts and start to get feeling dejected, sad, unaccepted, morose.. Yeah yeah, i knw.. Thinking is never good when its me.. Even Danie said, i shudnt think so much.. Lol.. ( but at least, i dun grow gray hair.. Ewww, dat wud ruin me.. I dun wanna become old just yet.. Lol.. )

Hurm, like Danie mentioned in his post "2008 is NUTS" we're moving again.. And like he said, we're living a nomad life, me and him.. Well, partly.. I guess, cause its only the two of us that moved house every end of the semesters.. Geez.. I hope this new house is, well a permanent living fr us.. Hahaha.. I got sick of moving.. So many stuff needs moving.. And dusts.. Damn!! Dusts every here!! And not to mention, sweats dripping from body!! Arrgghh.. BUt a well, dats life right?

Hahaha.. If any of u ever wondered, wer and hw did i spent my New Year.. Hurm, easy i went out wit my Sis Jenna and Bro David.. Like, we went to Jogoya Restaurnt, Starhill fr a splendid yet fatally lethal dinner and went clubbing afterwards.. ( I told Raemy i went clubbing and dat shocked her so much! She thought i dun club, thinking i was a saint! OMG! She's soo cute!! )

And you knw wat? we paid rm80 to enter BarCelona dat day, and all we gt was a lousy bottle of Heineken! Eeee!! And der was way too many ppl = no dancing opportunity! And even a fight broke out dat night!! Geez!! Shame.. But all the way, i was glad i get to enjoy New Year wit family.. Jenna and David.. ( i knw i knw, they're nt my real family, but they're as GOOD AS!! )

Geez, so many thngs needs to be blog ( like ders anybody reading it anyway.. haha.. im just soo full of myself.. sigh )

* long long sigh *

2009.. Welcoming 2009 was a wreck.. I had no fun at all, nor did i made any new resolutions.. Why, u may ask.. Upon greeting 2009, i already received some bad bad ill news.. Geez.. The fighting in Barcelona, definitely a bad omen.. Mum called telling me to control my expenditure cause my bad wanna start keep track of my spending.. Geez, totally bad news!!! University stuff.. Really really grave news! ( i wont spill out here.. no way! u may ask me elsewhere, but prepare fr dissapointmnt ).. and discovering u had a real bitch fr a friend.. I mean, sigh.. How can this be..? I was der, i was present, pls act like a person.. Like a decent University student dat knws hw to control thyself.. Pls dun be a ....... i cant say it.. damn!!!

In a nut shell, the start of 2009 was real real bad!!! I cant imagine wats gonna happen further on.. Sigh.. Oh and to top it all up, im sick again.. T______T" and alone in this new house.. Geez..

Sucks, aint it?

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