Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finally.. ( yea right.. )

Took me about ten seconds after the previous blog post of mine for me to realised wat hv i been missing.. My dreadful 2009 resolutions.. It aint New Year without new resolutions, new "self", new attitude, new everythng dat u can think of! Lol!

So here i am, without my new self, without my new attitude, but with new resolutions dat i think, well, "i think" will work out fr me in evil evil 2009..

1. I won't care wat other ppl say bout me.. I will just simply bitch at em back.. lol.. ( dis is soo last year~ )

2. I'm gonna ignore all crazy lamentation, comments, snide, from crazy ppl..

3. I'm gonna be more prepared fr my Uni.. ( geez, hopefully this is nt empty talks nw.. Lol.. )

4. I will only buy a SHIRT ( a SINGLE shirt ) once a month! ( dis gonna cost me a great deal! )

5. I'm gonna be more, well, attentive of my health n weight.. Lol!!

6. Expectations? 65kg!! Wahahahah!! ( Hey! Dun smile/smirk/roll eyes der!!! I hate u!! )

7. I'm gonna concentrate more on my studies!

8. I wont be going back KK dis year!! Never ever!!

9. I will "TRY" not to act cute so much anymore.. ( eeeee, im going 20 dis year!! OMG!! )

Author's note :

OMG!! Im going to be 20 dis year!! Arrgghh!! Crap crap clap racp!! Eeee!! Im old, like, aaaa.. Gray hair will start to grow on me!! Eeeee!! Kids will be calling me uncle!! Fr God's sake!! Dont!! Nooooooo!! Aaaaa!! Im 20!!! Omg!! And im still a year behind of 21, which automatically legalize me to do everythng dat i want!! Like, voting? Sex? Lol!!!! Just joking!!! Im just joking! Hhahaha~ Im too saint-like to be having sex nw.. Lol!!! And my face dun look sex-able.. Hhahaha~ HIhih!

10. I will eat less! No way im losing to resolution number 6!! Hhahaha!!

11. I will be more myself.. self-expressing and stuff.. I guess? Lol!!

Dats all fr my resolution fr 2009.. Well, simple and predictable... Cliche and boring.. Usual and common... Sigh.. Maybe i shud put der, i will put make-ups on when attending class? Hahahha!! Nw dat wud ROCK, big time! Lol!!

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