Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Oh hey!! Roz here.. Fr the first time in 2009!! Weeee!! Its finally 2009.. like u get wat i mean? Another year have passed and still, here we are.. Trying to live our life.. Trying to reach expectations; gettng harder and harsher than before.. Struggling our beautiful asses to meet the demand of the society, and in my case, my university and my parents.. Lol..

Geez, i blogged late, apparently.. Too much thngs need to do, and i had too much time spare on my side, and i started to think which is always nt really healthy.. I get all these negative thoughts and start to get feeling dejected, sad, unaccepted, morose.. Yeah yeah, i knw.. Thinking is never good when its me.. Even Danie said, i shudnt think so much.. Lol.. ( but at least, i dun grow gray hair.. Ewww, dat wud ruin me.. I dun wanna become old just yet.. Lol.. )

Hurm, like Danie mentioned in his post "2008 is NUTS" we're moving again.. And like he said, we're living a nomad life, me and him.. Well, partly.. I guess, cause its only the two of us that moved house every end of the semesters.. Geez.. I hope this new house is, well a permanent living fr us.. Hahaha.. I got sick of moving.. So many stuff needs moving.. And dusts.. Damn!! Dusts every here!! And not to mention, sweats dripping from body!! Arrgghh.. BUt a well, dats life right?

Hahaha.. If any of u ever wondered, wer and hw did i spent my New Year.. Hurm, easy i went out wit my Sis Jenna and Bro David.. Like, we went to Jogoya Restaurnt, Starhill fr a splendid yet fatally lethal dinner and went clubbing afterwards.. ( I told Raemy i went clubbing and dat shocked her so much! She thought i dun club, thinking i was a saint! OMG! She's soo cute!! )

And you knw wat? we paid rm80 to enter BarCelona dat day, and all we gt was a lousy bottle of Heineken! Eeee!! And der was way too many ppl = no dancing opportunity! And even a fight broke out dat night!! Geez!! Shame.. But all the way, i was glad i get to enjoy New Year wit family.. Jenna and David.. ( i knw i knw, they're nt my real family, but they're as GOOD AS!! )

Geez, so many thngs needs to be blog ( like ders anybody reading it anyway.. haha.. im just soo full of myself.. sigh )

* long long sigh *

2009.. Welcoming 2009 was a wreck.. I had no fun at all, nor did i made any new resolutions.. Why, u may ask.. Upon greeting 2009, i already received some bad bad ill news.. Geez.. The fighting in Barcelona, definitely a bad omen.. Mum called telling me to control my expenditure cause my bad wanna start keep track of my spending.. Geez, totally bad news!!! University stuff.. Really really grave news! ( i wont spill out here.. no way! u may ask me elsewhere, but prepare fr dissapointmnt ).. and discovering u had a real bitch fr a friend.. I mean, sigh.. How can this be..? I was der, i was present, pls act like a person.. Like a decent University student dat knws hw to control thyself.. Pls dun be a ....... i cant say it.. damn!!!

In a nut shell, the start of 2009 was real real bad!!! I cant imagine wats gonna happen further on.. Sigh.. Oh and to top it all up, im sick again.. T______T" and alone in this new house.. Geez..

Sucks, aint it?

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