Friday, January 9, 2009

Okay okay okay...

Like, i knw i said i will nevr ever ever blog again fr some time, but i just cant help it when i saw dis link by dis one particular guy frm dis friend... =] 

Geez, dry fr the lack of information.. Trust me, it is seriously nt my fault.. 


So like, the link directs me this thingy.. Blog Rating..

Since i was curious, and was in dire need to knw wats my blogs' rating...

I signed up fr the test and then the next thing i saw...


Then , 


And result was...

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

And only because these words appeared in my blog..

Ehem ehem~

Drugs = 3x

Sex = 2x

Fuck = 1x

Geeezzz!!! Seriously ba!! Soo evil!! ( but hey, i knw these words actually appeared more than mentioned, just i spelt fuck as fcuk.. Hahahha~ Oh well..  )

I'm done fr nw.. Hhahaha~~ Thnks fr being a good sport! 

Oh and if ur curious too, and wanna find out ur blogs rating, click here.. I mean, HERE!!! Heheheh~

I'm sentenced to Death like, in a week or two by my parents.. =]

I luv u all..

Tch.. So sad to say goodbye~

1 Mini Croaks:

One Other ... said...

Sentenced to death by your parents? How does that actually work? R u serious?

FCUK? can they detect that? Lol

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