Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hump humpy hump!!

When i visit my blog just nw, i saw this sooo precious note left from Miss Mathew, another sis of mine / ( spell it, S - L - A - S -H ) teacher... Awwww.. Im soo touched.. So without wasting any more time, i went to her blog and dropped her notes too, just so she knw dat i had received her notes and im thankful fr dat.. and luv her fr dat~~ =)

You must think im crazy, calling everybody im close with as sis or bro or sumthng, but i guess dats just me.. Not hiding in a shell, or skin, or anythng.. Just me.. The real me.. Im very "manja" type, which sumtimes bugs myself.. Hw d hell a 19 20 year old guy be "manja"? Errr, sorry, "manja" is, well, hw u say it in English without making me look like a pussy.. Erm, compassionate? Lol!!!!

Yea, nw i have my sis Jenna and bro David, who been taking good care of me, both in mentally and physically.. ( yea, they keep inviting me to buffet outings.. geez.. ) But at least u knw, i'm well fed.. Lol~ And they support me morally too.. Soo nice to hv older siblings eh?

dun u thnk they look cute togetr?

And i have my sis Mathew aka Teacher Luvable.. Hehehhe~ Shes my English teacher back when i was in Form3.. Ahhhh, shes like, strict-responsible-crazy-flamboyant-cool-teenager like teacher.. Guess dats wat makes her easy to get along with.. Huhh~ =] Im glad i knw her.. =]

- eee, i dun hv her picture around!! lets ask her fr it later k? eheheh.. -

Hurm, well wat am i trying to say in this blog?

Nothing.. Im just talking crap.... Like, u shud knw me by nw.. I dun hv anythng specific to write.. watever i write is wat i feel during the moment or just wat i was thinking since i think too much..


Oh yea, i luv Cedric.. =]

*hint hint!!* Thnks Robb!!

2 Mini Croaks:

One Other ... said...

Manja in english can be anything... ranging from adorable to cute to sweet to congek. oh wait, thats malay again. hahaha. ur 20? u look like ur 16! thats a compliment btw.

Oh btw, i dunno abt the feeder thingy too. it shd update itself automatically but i wonder why.

Roz./Ed said...

omg!! i really look 16?? haha.. thnks!! im literally jumping around when u said dat.. hahah~

oh d blogroll thingy? its ok ba dat.. i mean, im just being emo cause feel left out.. hihih~

thnks so much k??? =D

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