Saturday, January 24, 2009


Not that it matter'd anyway.. haha~

But thats the thng, IM BACK!!

Fully loaded, i guess.. and i doubt..

Well, sorryyy sorry everybody.. Ive been MIA-ing these past few weeks.. or was it days?

Hurm.. I cant quite recall.. Hhehehe~

Anyway, most of u prolly wonderng wat the HELL i've been doing all these while and why???


because theres no internet connection!! Pls dun ask me "why" again..

Im so gonna thrust a cucumber up ur arse! ( im soo bored during the internet-less period, and its still affecting me tremendously.. )

* i thnk the idea is appealing tho.. hahahha~ * 

ehem ehem~ excuse me.. 

and to top it all up, my FAVORITE ONLINE GAME EVER!!

XDO ( XDO webbie )

have been terminated and.. well, upgraded to Season2 and i din knw anythng bout it!!

So i had ta download the new installer ( a fcuking 1.9GB )

which will take like, wat, 100++hours?

and in this disasterrificly slow internet connection?

aaaaa, i rather go "screw" random ppl frst.. Lol!!! 

ehem ehem.. excuse me.. 

cant wait to play Season 2 worr!!!!  =]

Ooooo XDO!! muah muah muah muah muah muah muah muah!!! 

heres some of my activities during my edo-period internet-less moments :

i shaved.. hahaha~ 

i read.. Twilight too!! Ooo muah muah muah muah muah muah!!
 ( i wanna be a vamp' too!! Grrrrrr~~ )

i made huge mess on my bed! eeeeee!! damn!! =( the stains gonna last!! 


pls dun salah sangka aka miss-interpret.. =]

its actually just...

stupid lotion!!! had to use my Kleenex tissue to clean em!! Quality dijamin.. Lol!! 

( wat u thnk the white thingy jst nw? seriously i wont put photo like dat here!! eeeee!! )

Hehehe.. i dunno if i can be online again.. just postng this blog post took me well, like, 24hours? 


Till then. =]

"i still remmbr u.. u were always in me mind.. " 

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