Monday, December 29, 2008

i went out...

After a long dayyyyyy today, Jojo gave me a call out of the blue...
Asking me if i wanna hang out tonight.. ( looks at watch.. ) Gasp!
"UU, U knw wat time is it? Hehehe~ Almost midnight ad laaa..."
"Wait i go ask my mum!! "
And lemme tell u, Mum wasnt.. well, looked happy bout it..
But she gave her permission..
Maybe she know she shudnt keep me in the house so much..
I'm a grown man.. I need my time with frenz..
And we went to Tanamera in Lintas( Jojo oicked me up at exactly 12am.. psssffftt.. )

p/s : Jojo drove like hell.. ugh.. made me scared..

As this is the normal yam char version, where ppl go out at night to go and have a drink with their friends at night, theres a lot tat we talked and joked about... Soo happy.. This is the life, eh? Young and care-free.. Hehehe~

Me, Jojo, Afredza and Stewart.. All 4 of us.. huhuh..

And they got sumthng fr me fr Xmas... ( Oh shit, i dun hv anythng fr u guys )

Wanna knw wanna knw???? Hehhe~ A bottle of Rum!! lol.. ( geez, i wonder wat ima do wit it.. its soo big.. )

Im nt gonna talk more on tat cause i can vaguely remmbr wat hppnd or wat we talkd bout dat night.. hoho.. so just pictures la k?

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大恒 said...

keluar pun tdk pangil saya...apa kawan ni..
haizz..lupa saya suda ke?
lol...ei..hapi new year

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