Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I want to be.. paranormally supernatural!

When i woke up this morning, i know wat i had to do.. i wrenched open my laptop and tune on some good soothing songs that i have in my Itunes... After i settled myself in my super-single bed, i flipped open the first page of my newly acquired book... Twilight; Eclipse... I know its just a book, but i really got excited... I can practically hear my heart beat faster than it shud have been.. Yea, i was super excited i can fly.. Hahaha~

Oh did i mention? I was reading Twilight, New Moon yesterday? I started reading the book from the very first page and managed to finish the whole book by 10pm? And yea, i din bathe the whole day, i din eat breakfast and lunch... ( but i ate some satay mum brought fr me.. Ooo, thnks Mum.. Ur d best! I luv u.. ) The main point is, i was just soooo excited to read the book.. ( and because they hv interestng cover.. its black.. its nice.. its sexy.. )

Oooooo, i luv these kind of books.. All this while i've been daydreaming... What if my life were to be like this one? Supernatural? Sooo mysterious, soo dangerous, soo adventurous yet soooo sexy and alluring... I would hv luv this kind of life... One whre i can be anythng but normal human, with no limitation to my ability, yet able to grow more.. Enhance myself.. Wat if i was able to use magic? Enchant things, curses, jinx, spells?? Or if i was in a world where Monsters existed and the schools we have specialised in teaching us combat skills and magic? Just like in Final Fantasy??? Ooooo, i would do anythng to just experience one day in their world...

My life.. well, my fantasies have always been draped by me having special abilities ( in my case, the gift of magic ) does tat sound weird? freaky? Hahhaha~ I guess im just anothr one of those freak games or ppl tat just cant grasp reality.. hoho.. And no, i wont turn to be a nerd or a geek or well, FREAK! just look at me, im soo full of life, i have all my great friends, and my families dat i luv.. and my special sumone somewhere in this world, in a place tat seems to be so cold and rain all the time..

Errrrr, so weird.. this is taking me to a level where ppl wud be looking at me, and starts to questions my sanity.. so better stop here.. hehe~

Oh and for Christmas, i were supposed to buy a present fr my nephew, Raymond.. Err, well, me and my humonguous circles of cousins have this thing going on.. Sumthng like a present-echange during Christmas and i got picked to buy present fr Raymond.. Hehehhe~... =] And Edgar got to buy sumthng fr me.. Hahaha.. this ought to be interestng.. =]

I'll enclosed a pic of Raymond and Edgar so u hv better view hw they look like.. =]

My fav pic of Raymond..

Edgar, remmbr my present~ =]

Dear dear, whatever shud i get fr dat boy.. hurm.. Toys? Yikes, his parents can buy him soo much better toys than i could, plus, he even have PSP, which i dun!! ( i think so.. ) Waaaa, im doomed! Wat shud i get fr a lil boy thats barely 10yers old? Hurm.. Figures.. I'll get to tat later on..

I guess this is the part where u wish u hv magic powers and able to magic ur way out of this one.. I dunno, like conjure some presents? Teehee.. wudnt dat be all milky and strawberries?? =]

I was deeply pre-occupied in the get-together family gathering today.. i was reading my book, Twilight; Eclipse.. And yeah, i finished it too, in just one day!!!! Muahahah~ Im soo proud.. im gonna read it again after im done with the last book, Breaking Dawn.. =]

Oh dear, soo sorry!! Too much words.. Daniel wud be cursing, Chris ( i wonder if he even comes here ) Chris wud probably skip the whole post, Cedric might be rolling his eyes, and all others wud just anonymously clicked on my blog and just close it.. Cause ders too many words, its boring.. Hhahha~

Well, ok ok.. I stop here.. sheessshhh~~ <3

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