Monday, December 22, 2008

What a day~

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ( long sigh..the longest ever~ )
Wat a long day, kinda..
Woke up...
Played Pet Society in FB..
Hahaha, really gt addicted to it..
Luv my Iggy.. =]
Went for Brunch at this.. erm.. Chinese restaurnt in.. Damn!
i forgt the name of the restaurnt and the name of the DISTRICT!!
Yerrr, i guess im forgettng stuff / places in KK.. Gosh!!
Gotta refresh!! Press F5!! F5!! Refresh!!
I ate soup!! My favourite!
Chinese soups are the best!!!!
I luv Chinese food!!
Yum yum!!
Sooo good~
Luv it so much~ <3
Went back hum and start watchng "Frivolous Wife"..
Some naughty-cute movie, kinda similar to "My Sassy Girl"...
Laughed soo much~ Teehee~
* im sooo cute, pls pet my head~~ Grrrrr *
Sorry, my vain session.. =]
Bear with me~
Surf the web, and signed up for this yaoi site..
Hey!!! its nice.. luv d magz they hv der.. =]
Great artworks!
check it out, AarinFantasy...
They dun hv anythng yet, but.. hahaha~
Just fr fun.. =]
Went for dinner at Shi Kae Restaurnt with family..
Kinda abig thing, i guess..
Sorry no pic.. =(
I forgt the cam.. sad.. wasted just like dat..
Mum ordered Peking Duck ( crispy skin..? ), some sweetnsour fish fillets, vegiess, and lots more..
Was havng soo much fun..
Well, it is the Dong Zhi day~
Lots other family were also dining der as well..
to celebrate this day.. =]
Anyway, got this gift from the restaurnt..
Somethng bout a greetng card ( Dong Zhi-day affliated )
Thaaaannnnkkkk yooouuuuuu!!! =]
* i said thanks, aaaaa.. pls luv me nw.. *
Ooo, so tired nw.. Sleepy.. All i did today was just relaxing and eating..
Ugh, nt gud fr health..
Tch tch tch~

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