Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dear Santa Claws~

im writing dis blog-post in the hope tat u will read it before Xmas...
* cross fingers *
i know i havnt write to you for such a long time already for last Xmas theres nothng tat i wanted but this years' Xmas i have soooo many many things dat i want!! hehehe~
And do please grant em for me, okay???

I luv u... <3<3<3

I knw u'd do it fr me aights??? Heres my most-wanted list.. teehee~
u better brace urself dear Santa Claws!! Its gonna be lonnggg~ =]

1. a cute 5-feet Teddy Bear!!!
- cause its soo cute and i need a sleeping companion!!

2. External hard-disk...
- just so i can store all my files innit... huhuh...

3. Twilight Booksss!!!
- im luving it now!!!!!!!

4. a new cameraaaa~
- i got my eyes set on Olympus's new camera; the shock-and water proof one..

5. Urm.. wat else ya? Ooo yea~ I dun wanna be sick agen!!


Dear santa Claws... Im terribly sick nw..

Please do make me well agen.. teehee~

When u come to my house to deliver the presents, i be sure to ready some sweet treats for you and some yarn balls for you to play, okie???

Or maybe u wanna send me ur wish-list too so i can get em' for ur Xmas.. Hehehehe~


- roz -

2 Mini Croaks:

One Other ... said...

I want! I want! I oso want the shock and waterproof olympus for christmas! And the giant teddy for my birthday! Hehe

Merry Christmas Roz!

Roz./Ed said...

hehehe.. sorry fr d late approve.. i just gt bek frm Jakarta ( yesterday [ 19th decmber ] ) tp yg balik then just tidur ni.. haiz..

its hard crossing timezone.. u loose track of everythng.. hahaha..

well, i'll tell Santa Claws u wan those thngs fr u Bday too..

Hrehe.. U have a Merry Happy Xmas too!! =]

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