Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mooncakes Mooncakes!!

Yayyyy~~ Mooncakes Festival lai liao.. Woohoohoo~~ Time to celebrate again.. =)

As all Chinese shud know, and some of u non-Chinese dun knw, * okay, im not being Racist here cause i'm not.. * The mooncake festival are celebrated on the 14th September, which marks the start of the Chinese calendar.. And yayyy!! Here comes all those beautiful and colourful Chinese lanterns!! Weee... everythng will be soo merry and colourful.. Oh, its such a blessing!!

I call these, A LOT!! A L - O - T !!

UNFORTUNATELY unfortunate; Unlike last year, this years' Mooncake Festival are sooooo dissapointing.. I mean, yea i did bought alot of mooncakes and lanterns and planned out this and planned out that; but to no result.. I mean, on the day itself, theres nobody to celebrate it with except Daniel * just because he live in the same house as me.. =) *

Boo hoo.. bye bye lanterns!!

I was sooo sad, u knw.. After all the money spent and planning, and then this thing happened.. Okay, as a last minute palnning, Daniel suggested us having it at Cyberjaya Lake and have tea and stuff.. So we invited some frenz over, and once again our plan was thwarted because it was fcuking raining!!! Arrrgghhh!! So pissed..~~

Anyway, Hapy Mooncake Festival to everybody!! May the candles will always be lit and so does our spirits deep within... =)

Till then, Lift ur lantern up high and shout, " WHOOP WHOOP!!"

Oh yeah.. a fren of mine post me this thng.. its soo sweet~~ Its Roz's mooncake~~ =)

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