Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with my N73 Nokia XpressMusic

Nokia? PARTAY???

Sounds like a good combination eh? You tell me, cause to me, it sounded scrumptiously delicious!!
I just got back from my "own" Halloween Party shopping at Alamanda, Putrajaya when i got this email from Nuffnang telling me about this Silent Halloween Partay at Borneo Baruk Club, KL~

My first impression was, WOW!! 2 PARTAY IN TWO DAYS!! Awesome!!!!
( Tough luck dude!! If only ur invited~ )

Which also means, twice as much as efforts~ Haiz.. I need two costumes then~ I planned to be a ( secret, to surprise my friends at my party~ ) so it won't fit to the Nuffnang's party but hey, i guess i could work it out, somehow.. I just have to fork out some cash from my almost-dry savings~

Haha~ Anyway, moving on to the "real thing", the Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween~ It's gonna be silent, and its gonna be Nokia XpressMusic all the way~ Its perfect to have it here, in this so-called "silent partay~ Why? Oh lemme tell you why???

Easy does it now~~ See wat i an? Its simply, soo easy to listen to ur music on-the-go!!

And now,

Roz's Sweet Guide to Nokia XPress Music

Step 1 : Press the little Music Button on ur Mobile
( Remember to press lightly, or it won't work~ Gottta show some luv to ur phone~ )

Step 2 : Choose ur songs from the lot and press play!! There you go!! Booogeeyy!!

Step 3 : Cam-whoring is a MUST!!

There's more but i seriously dun wan to let me readers puke and get sick~ No no!!

It's not Halloween yet.. >_^'

Till then~ Bye bye~~

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