Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sweet Sin...

Sweet sin, or just plain sweet pleasure? U be the judge.. Hehe~

Went clubbing last night with some friends...

  • Me, of course!!!
  • Daniel,
  • Catherine,
  • Trisha,
  • Foong,
  • Nicholas...
At Bar Celona, Sunway Pyramid to just relax and let some steam off after a long day of doing assignments and some other stuff... Well, i am for one, not included in the doing assignment category because i was damn lazy and i practically have none!! =)

* Hoooraaaayyyy me!! *

Anyway, it was FAB!! Well, my first impression of Bar Celona is that it's sooo smoky! I mean, its soo smoky, its HOT!! And the music, woww.. It's way loud!!

Hey wait just a minute!! Why am i describing it like it was such a bad thing??? Awww...

Anyway, it was kinda okay la.. hehe~ no pun intended, okay?

I hardly dance ( if u can call shaking hips as dancing, then its okay.. )
Take note : Shakira~ Heheh~

Gosh, i'm soo embarrased! Heheh~

And we drank a lot, a lottttt!! And i din get drunk ( but i get kinda tipsy upon reaching home )

And on top of that, i got these huge icky sickening rashes all over my body the next day.. Huh, so predictable eh? Yea yea, i got these allergies towards liquor but that doesn't stop me from taking it.. Bad ol' me, i guess??

Anyway, i'm clueless to what i shud say but here's some few snapshots of me and my pals.. =)

Group Photo!

Trisha, me and Daniel~ ( cam-whoring~ )

More cam-whoring! haha~

Well, it was fun, in a nut shell.. =3

i get to know new friends and discover some new parts and sides of my friends.. hehe~ some people really let their hair down tonight and it was definitely a.. err.. let us shall not talk more on that.. hehe~

Back at hum, i was soo sleepy.. Slept the moment i placed my heavy head on the pillow~ huhu~

p/s : i got nasty rashes the next morning i woke up!! DAMN!!

2 Mini Croaks:

Daniel^_^Chin said...

U totally left out all the juicy details!!! Let's protest!!!

We want more!!! I don't mind if u want me to blog about them :P

It's My Life~ [ UncensU'red Version!] said...

please do blog them... cause i wont blog about some naked truth here.. it might sting~ =3

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