Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Sad Touching Movie..~


so i was surfing the net for some pornographic "educational biology-related stuff",

i stumbled upon this video featuring cute Singaporean students acted out a short movie

in remembrance towards this guy; which i have clearly no idea on.. T_____________T

Anyway, the movie is about how ppl can't accept.. or was it because that guy was being too much

of a drama queen and everybody started rejecting him???


Well, you ppl shud watch it when u hv the time cause it was worth it...

Secretly, i fell for him... ( there's no hidden pun on this one, okay??? )

p/s : if ur nt used to watching bitchy god-damn drama queen show, then refrain urself from watching this movie.. =)

U have been warned.. There is no turning back k???

Hope u enjoyed it as much as i did..

~~~~ roz ~~~

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