Thursday, August 2, 2007


oh my god!!!! crap crap!!!! crap!!! i hate dis school!!! errr... well, i like it but!! arrrgghhhhh!! i hate d library computers!!! d connection soo slow one!! like want to die only!! and i cant even access friendster coz its being blocked!!! shit!!!! i need a laptop!!!!!!!! laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!!! laptop!!!!!!!!! Crap!!! and guess wat? i made new frenz.. my roommate dat turns out to be a guyy from Saudi Arabia.. Hehe~ hes ok, very nice.. offered me his extra bed sheet.. heheh~ funny guy tho'.. cant really speak english dat well but he's trying.. hehe~ he took english course here, at LUCT.. hehe~ he even told me tat its way lot cheaper here than his place.. owh~ figures.. hahaha`.. he introduced me to his arabian frenz last nite.. hurm.. they're ok tho a bit scruffy looking.. heheh~ sowey~~~ im not complaining.. much.. heheh~ and today iz d first class i had.. well, had a placement test instead.. urrr... quite flushed by it.. hopefully i can lulus la and get gud marks.. heheheheheh~~

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