Thursday, August 16, 2007

13th August '07

Hye~~ Okay on to todaes’ blog~ heheh~ well, todae right~to be specified, 13th august 2007.. hehe~ its very very fcukingly fcuking nasty, hideous, boring, pissing!! I’ve been cheeked at today by a so-called professional educator!! Okay!! Shit!! Dat really mad me angry and not in d mood for everyhting!! Humph~ well, just imagine la, I was just asking always the so-called professional educator for the power point presentation for extra reference, one dat I can refer anytime!! And guess wat she said??

Me : Hell. Excuse me, can I have d presentation just nw? (very politely, for those who knows
me shud be aware of my attitude and everything~~~)

Educator : No.. Why? Din u take d notes just nw?

Me : Yeah.. I did, but not entirely.. Can I have it as a reference then?

Educator : No.. Then if u din take d notes and just ask for d presentation, wats d use of u
going to lecture then?

Me : But…..

Educator : No..

That’s how it went, slightly tho’ most of the words the educator said to me iz all there~ I mean, ugh~ iz diz wat d kind of professionalism level the educator show us? Wats all d bullshit and crap dat they put on d brochures then? A promising good educator tat will help d student etc.. fcuk off lar!!!! Fcuk.. was soo damn pissed.. even my high school teacher never show dat kind of attitude… shit.. soo rude and.. ugh~~ beyond words of abuse!! Well let me tell u, u good for nothing, makan gaji only!! I always get wat I want, and when u dun give me wat I wants, hehe.. sorry to say.. ur engaging a war against me.. fine, u can just chuck me out of dis college, write a letter to my parents, write or complain me to d board, just do it!! I don care!!!!!!!! And to think tat I even wanna come here in d first place! My first choice was Taylors College!! I repeat, TAYLORS COLLEGE!!!!!!! Hehe~ right~ *sigh of relief* im all out.. dang, dat felt gud..

Ehem ehem… errr…. To all dat read dis blog up, sorry if u fell offended.. well, dis iz me.. I get mighty pissed and cranky if I dun get wat I want.. might even throw a fit or tantrum.. hehe.. sorry sowwy sowey~~~~ really, all I sed and mention above iz just wat i feel and wat Im trying to express.. huhu~ well, peeps do have d tendency to let everything slip over when their cranky side takes over.. huhuhuh~ just like me, theres no exception, tho my cranky side really do take over when I get pissed off.. hehehe~

For instance, when I fought with my bestie, I din talk to him ever since.. heheh~ quite typical drama-guy like.. huuhuh~ well, dats all for me getting angry todae.. for d time being, tho theres still a lot more to come.. bhahaha~~~

Durrrr… I’ll update later since nw I still dun have internet and all.. dang dis place…

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