Thursday, August 16, 2007

14th August '07

Okay.. so its now d 14th and yeah, I pretty much forgot about yesterday.. hehe.. to it and well, lots had happened ok? And, too much memory usage wud result in my brains’ dysfunctional and damage!! U wouldn’t want dat to happen to me, dun ya??? *winks winks*

Hehe~ todae I went back to Desaria quite late.. errr… near 6 something.. had work to do at d library.. setting d blog and d accounts everything for our English class.. huhuh~ erm…. Ok la.. made few changes and added in some html files and etc etc.. hehehe.. typical internet stuff… hurm.. nw dat I tink of it, I might even create a class forum.. huhuh~ xingshi wasn’t it? Hurm…… refer to darling then…. Huhuh~

Okay.. when I reach Desaria, I was beyond hungry, I was on d verge of pure peckishness!!! Hehe~ I tink “peckishness” iz a word Tho I dun knw wat it means.. I just assume it’s a state when somebody iz feeling very hungry to d max!! hahahahah!! Well, bought food from d Indian cafĂ© at d plaza and headed straight to my room…. Well, made a detour to d office and ask about d internet service and got a stupid meaningless lecture and explanation out of it from one of d staff der.. sigh~~~

Hurm…. Well, ate inside d room and took a bath after a short break.. hahah..~~ then wat happened.. hurm….. dang I miss my frenz…… wonder wat are they doing nw? are they still doing d same stupid things tat we always do together….. hurm…. Hahah~ dem soo much.. miss my cats a.k.a. lil’ bro, my sis, parents, and MY ROOM!!! I miss my pillow!!! Hahahaha~~ well, had an anime marathon in d nite ….. watch Mahoraba, an anime tat one of my many bestie gave me.. heheh~ well, I was on d last few episodes and its just kept going better and better!! Dang I luv dis anime *shed tear* hahahha~~ well, of cuz ders a sad part and ahhh, I get soo touchy-touchy feeling bout it! Derkkkkk!!!! Jokez!! Hahaahha~ well, enough with dat~ hurm… well, it’s a pretty good anime anyway… hahah~ (dang~ I keep repeating d word “well” as if theres no other word dat have d same meaning as dat.. hahhaha~)

Herm… and dat night theres another’ commotion but din quite bothered about it since im too engrossed in my anime.. hahaha~ and yeah, along d way, its becoming less bumpy and quite smooth.. hahaha~~wait.. wat am I talking about? Dang~ I guess im losing it… waaaaaaaaaa!! I dun even have d slightest clue anymore!!! Dang crap crap clap clap!! Hehehhe~ well, hahahaha~ and.. ad… and…….. and…………….. and…… arrrggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Arrgggghhhhhhh!!! I forgot!!!!!!!!! Dang I only remembered going to sleep at 2 something like dat after a conversation wif Aboudi~ hurm…….

Yeah~ dats all.. ahhahaha~~~~~

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