Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wat Can I Say More? Hehe~

Hye!! Hehehe!! Guess wat? am using my frenz lappie now cuz apparently i still don have my own lappie.. hahah~ wat a drag~ huhu~ errr.. wat else? Oh yeah, life soo far at LUCT iz quite gud.. made frenz with peeps from around d world!! Well, come on! Making frenz iz such a gud thing ok???? Oh and for those clueless peeps tat say, "what??' when i mention LUCT.. Hehe~ LUCT stands for LimKokWing University of Creative Tech'.. went der to further my studies in architectural.. hehehe.. and wat are d biggest shock tat i get todae? Heheh~ tat im nt d only La Sallian of my age here.. haha…. Met Melvindeer todae at d campus's plaza.. well, am I shocked-much?!? Hahahha~ apparently hes taking animation.. huhu~ well, dat a gud discoveries.. at least im not goin solo around here~ hehe~okay dats all for d gud part of d day~ hahahah!! Wei, don fret lah!! Theres more gud part~ and some bad parts la.. heehe~~right~

so last Monday nite, me, Abudi a.k.a. Abdullah and Emmad from Saudi Arab, and a guy, Ershad from Zambia went to Sunway Pyramid.. Well, Ershads d one who invited us.. hahh.. well, was quite ok tho dun feel too content about it.. well, I barely have time to buy anything!! They were walking too fast!! And only stop at certain store for less than a couple of minutes!!! I mean, hell! Iz dat enuf time to browse and buy anything? Dang these guys.. hahah~my type of strotting at a mall iz like to browse for every store and buy anything tat I want!! (well, s'long as I can afford it lah and hv considerable amount of cash during d tym.. hehe)well, above all, we had quite a gud time too.. ate kebab at one of d food booth around there.. ehehe.. Ershad treated us eventho' we refused over and over.. Mind u, d cashier was looking perplexed and confused and smiling at d same time.. dang.. dats a lot of expression.. hahaha~~ well, ended d night by a trip to Baskin n Robbins and bought ice cream.. well, buy ourselves la… aiyahhh.. u tink we all kena treat one arr? U go away la! Chewah!! Hehehe..took a picture… heheh.. Emmads, Ershad and dats me, wif d red shirt.. huhu~ (ps: I bought a double scoop ice crea while d others only single one.. ehehe.. im greedy! Way greedy! Heeheh~ well, d ice cream looks soooo sweet and nice and fluffy (?!?) sooo cute and sooo yummy!!! Hehehe~~ gotta have a double scoop or more but.. ehem ehem…….. if I eat too much, I'll be mega XXXL by d end of dis month.. hahahahha!! hehehe~

hey u know wat? (agen.. hhehe.. sowey.. I like dese phrase; agen.. heheh.. bear wif me.. huhu) my English class..(foundation English..) was.. err… iz very good!! Heheh.. realy really enjoyed it very much~ our lecturer, Hey-Yoh Mrs/Miss Juwidah iz very cool~ hahaha~ (ps: if anyone read dis and gets all quirky and stuff, hey, relax.. im just expressing my thoughts.. hahha.. no harm rite? Hehe.. OH AND IM NOT SUCKING UP TO HER!! Its just dat I enjoyed her class… hehe)heheh~ well, english class has been d only class tat i tink i can shine out one.. hihihuihihhhihihi~~ pity me for being dat way~ haahah~ hurm.. well, guess theres nothing much to say tho' but herll!! i do need a lappie on my own~ we have a project coming up and yeah, it needs a lappie to get it down.. and i havent check my friendster for a while!! oooo sooo sad!!!! like when im still at d mercy of my parents, chewah!! i used to log on to d internet for hours and hours and not even feeling tired, hungry, etc etc or having backache~ haahah~~ i need internet to survive~ huhu~

hey last night, erm.. was a wednesday night, 8th of august.. something weird happened. d whole desaria condo was in an absolute uproar.. in d midst of the black dark chilly scary night~ heheh~ i dunno wat happened tho'.. was watching anime "Mahoraba" tat imy fren gave me beforo coming to LUCT.. Yay!! few episodes left and its finish! heheheh~~ well, thisz wat happened.. while i was happily watching d anime, heard peeps screaming, shouting, barking, shrieking, etc etc from outside.. when i opened d window, woaaaaa~~~~~ saw peeps from all Tower A,B and C was outside on their balcony and shouting~ well, to be short, making noise.. hell, how do i knw wats happening... went out to ask my housemate about it, but hes having no clue as well. dang`~~~ and dats wat happened.. peeps started to cheer and throwing stuff to d pool and all.. wow.. iz diz college life? i mean, its kinda wild and all but its fun along d way.. hahaha~ never experience dis kind of things before.. hahaha~ was a brand new xciting exp for me.. hehehe~~ and some peeps start burning something (like a flamethrower that~ dunno how dey do tat~ hahaha) some peeps threw water and all... shit~ i got hit by d falling water.. curses!!!! the water better be clean or im lodging a report!!!!! hehehehe~~

k.. dats all... dang~~ really really really wish can blog quite often.. ehehheh~~ and its hard not to have my own lappie~~ wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~~

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