Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Okay.. Here i am(singing.. hehehe) Really la.. Today i did nothing at all.. Sienz.... Wat da hell? i really have no life! Cant wait to get back hometown la!!! i wanna see all my friends!!! Oh yeah, note to self...

Be more kurus la to impress ur friends!! hehehhe~

Right.. will do it willingly.. hehehhe~ need to kurus la... shit theres no scale here!!! can really measure.. hurm... hurm.... so boring~

oh and talked to mum, thru MSN!!! Wahhhh!! well, after i forced her la... never know she could be sooo saucy!! she sed something i never know she wud say.. hahahah!!! its as if, shes acting like a teenager, all of a sudden!! hahaha~ and most of the conversation involved about wats happening in the house and all... all sorts of stuff... But... But... she never loose her mother instinct.. kept advising me and all.. Oh God.. Miss Juwida is going to shred me into tiny little Rozan pieces! NEVER START A THESIS STATEMENT WITH A "BUT"!! Oh my god.. im soo sorry.. i forgot!!

Heheheh. about my phone (which was a kick in the ass).. She said this, "when u come back kk then will buy u a new phone"... Okayy!!! i mean, im coming back 17December and now is... errr... 4th of December.. Does she really know how much suffering and pain and tears is it not having a phone???????? And she even suggest i shud get a new number!!! My gosh!!!! Wat happen???? Wuuuuu... Dat made me so sad la~~~ why the hell i wanna change number? hehhe~ im sticking to my original number!!! 016-8352574!!!Remember it! heheh~

and dat night, chat with H Lim.. heheh... awwwwwwwwwwwww.... soo sweet.... he oso gt problems pulak, hahah... i tot hes, u knw.... strong, inside and outside, but hes... apparently a bit delicate oso la.. hehe~ awwwwwwwwwww......... ke ai'~~~ hahaah~

not until it was my turn.. hahah~ i saw his ( i hope u knw hu u are!!!) FS profile... and really, ma de.... gt really angry, i dunno because of wat... damn~~i feel wanting to smash something, u know...

"Ur being ur usual drama-queen again!!!"

"fuck u!! wat u know about me???? shut up!!!"

i gt soo angry and pissed off.. hahaha~sorry.. i tend to speak to myself.. hehehe~ and, just to calm myself, i let myself to be guided by H's advice... i thoroughly pour all my heart to him... telling all my problems and all.. hahaha~i think, something we shared.... the need to talk about our probs with other ppl.. heheh~ watever... i dun care... hurm..........

and, well, i do feel gud.. a bit.. heheh~so boring nw.. hehehe.. then i got this idea from H.. Hehehe.. maybe i shud get even with dat person!! Show him how much fun it is i have without him around!! wahlao!!! so cool!!! just ignore him and just have fun!!!! hahahah!!! i like tat idea already!! hehehe!!!!!!

yes!!! yes!!!!! dats wat im gonna do!! hahahah!!!!

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