Monday, December 3, 2007

Not so much of a fiasco after all!!! Hahahah~

Hahahah.. Second attempt of cooking~

Venue : Foong's house
Time : somewhere before midnight; not too early, not too late
Food : last night leftovers; the Fiasco'.. hahaha~

Okay... im not giving up!!! im not a bad cook!! never!!!!! not in a million years!!!!! hahah.. so i was like, okay, i can do this! it just need some spices and salt and some of that and some of this, and it'll be edible!! pretty much edible, of course.. hahaha~

so, after countless try-outs and tasting and advice from Daniel, hey!! it turn out good, but.. still the overwhelming taste of tomato... ouch~~ and again, taken few snapshots.. hahah~ damn.. i dun have handphone now... dmn!!! cant take pictures!!!

Big happy smile now!!! hehehe~~~

taste gud, a bit.. hahaha~ better than last night tho'... hehehe€~~

but.. im still soooo bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jack a.k.a. Dinesh chat wif me... hey~~~ and chat wif Daniel!! knw wat? its his fcuking 18SX BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Wahlao!!! Happy Bday Daniel!!!!!!! heheheheh~~~ we party next sem ok?????? now enjoy ur holiday~ hahaah~~

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