Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Im out!!!!!

Hurray!!! Im out of Desaria’s clutches!! Hahahah~ NO MORE! Goodbye!! Sayoonara!! Asta La Vista!!! No more Desaria!!

Hahah.. I feel happy and content today.. Well, I checked out of Desaria Villa Condo!! Yayyyyyy!!! Now all I can say is, no more bad service, no more bad boring food, no more this, no more that, and no more blab bla… Hahhaah… But, good things always come with bad…bad things…. Goodbye to all my friends… Kim, Jenna, Carrol, Foong, Rameera, Ash, Nina, Chris, Krish, Sarguil, Stanley, Alex and Jerry, andYoda!! Everybody!!!! Im gonna miss u all!!!!!!! Wuuuuuuuuuu~~ *sniff..snifff…..*

Oooooo… That made me sad la…. Wuuuuuuu….. No good la like this, so sad.. Have to leave all my friends behind.. wor…… but, oh well… have to move on right? Dats just the way life is.. U just gotta keep movin on no matter how hard and painful it is.. Damn.. Why does doin the right thing is always the hardest??? Wuuuuu!!!

Oh well, when I was checking out.. Oh yeah, did I mention I only started packing all my things today??? As in TODAY!!! ALL MY STUFF?? Get it? Hhahaha.. And needless to say, I have a lot of stuff… Even when the warden came to my room to check if there are.. Well… kerosakan or wats d word?? Wuuuuuuu!!! Kill me!!!!! Well, hahah. Enough about that.. It only reminds me of my soooo poorly english language… wuuuu!!! So sad even more!! Okay, the warden exclaimed okay??? “Wahhh!! This all ur stuff ar?? Soo many! How u wan carry back o?” Hhahhaha.. I just sniggered cause me myself, I dun even have any answer for his question.. hahahha… I can only bring some back cause my uncle’s car is.. errr.. Rather small and there’s many passengers.. hahah~ so some of my… well, a lot of my stuff got left behind due to the limited space in the car’s bunker.. hurmmmm….. hope its ok la… even my toothbrush and shampoo got left behind!! Waaaa!!!! Sooo sad!!! Hate!!!

Oh okay.. Now im at my uncle house.. hurm. Well, meaning to say, for the next one.. or two weeks, I’d be living in a super malay lifestyle… well, fine by me.. No harms done right? Hehehehhe…. Yeah.. I guess so… tell me about it.. It’s a lifestyle I wish to avoid.. Why? Im trying my hard to live my Chinese side as much as I can, u know… where we eat early, meals with soup, and not only non-gravy meals and all.. Sigh… wat can I do? And I do miss all my stuff!!! Hope the other doesn’t disturb it, much! Hahahah~

Oh and damn!!! I eat so much today!! Sorry no pic… my witch of a mum still haven’t give me money yet for me to buy new phone.. I get the feeling that she wont ever give me money at all… really got the feeling that she will only buy me a new phone when I reach KK later.. Damn….like I said, I ate so much today. All my time today is filled with eating and eating and EATING!!!!! Damn!!! How d helL am I goin to get in shape nw?? Just in time for xmas!!!!! Damn!!!! No!!!!! NoOoOOoOOooOOoOOooooOO!!!! Noo! I wanna get thin!!! Hurm!!! How? Please help me!! Haha. Chewah!! No need la.. I can handle it A-Okay la! Hahaha…

Gosh!! I miss all my frenz!!! Chris! Daniel!!! Anne!!! Fong!! Catherine!! Kim!! Jenna!! RAMEERA!!! Wuuuuuuuuuu~~~ I miss u guys sooo much!!!! Where are u guys now? Enjoying ur holidays???? Wuuuu… hopefully can se u guys next sem la, if all of us can make it.. hehehe~ and I pray to God that I can make it, at least..hehehe~

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