Wednesday, December 26, 2007

14th December 2007~

*Since i've been internet-less for the past few weeks staying at my unca's house, i can ony post all my blog nw~ hehehe~~

Okay.. Today is the 14th of December 2007, Friday.. Hurm… Since my aunt (Aunt Shab) got the day off work, she and my another aunt, and my grandma(mother side’~) along with the children decided to prowl* around KL today.. Hahhaha.. Naturally I wud join them but since I still have some “important” work to do, I stayed at hum… ALONE!! Hahaha… Soo nice to have my ultimate privacy all-alone-in-one-day again.. Hheheh.. Oh did I mention? My uncle went to work so the house is completely EMPTY, except for me and…. Errr…. I am alone, right? Or is there? Haahha~ never mind… no need to give that much thought~ hurm~

And, I was like, u know, asked my aunt to buy me a new set of ecco pigments pen set, the 0.2, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8 set.. I even gave her the casing so she would be able to recognize the pen.. And after they “set sail” for Mid Valley (its around KL sumwhere.. dats all I knw.. haha~) I started to jump and smile broadly~ aaaahhhh… feeling soo uncontrollably content to myself.. mmmmmmmm… wat did I do.. I remembered doin some guy stuff and eat and watch some dramas and some homework and eat and… errr… so many la! Oh! And I save the laundry from being devastatingly wet due to heavy rain.. hahah~ I ran down the stair like hell just to save it in the nick of time. Hahah~ FYI, ITS BEEN RAINING LIKE HELL FOR THE PAST ONE WEEKS!! Its so hard just to dry ur clothes.. and the dobby is so far away so I dun really wanna trouble myself to walk there and send it myself. Damn~

But u knw the best part of staying at hum alone? The chance to sleep without disturbance.. u knw this house is full of pests! Pests as in little kids! I dun mind mikail, hes a baby, and of course, baby cries a lot. It’s the children I hate.. they made so much noise, it irritates me so much.. well, I can lose my temper here over some little kids, tat wud be unethical… and I do dun wanna loose my pride and face.. hahah~ and wat would my aunts think if I scold their children? I love children, no doubt about that, but, I love the one with class.. one that wudnt walk around and say rude things, one that wudnt walk around without clothes, one that wudnt eat on the floor and spill all their food everywhere, because I believe that is BARBARIC and they dun get much attention and soo poorly educated by their parents.. HUMPH!!!! I feel soo ever comfy with kids that behaves properly, or simply said, a well educated kids…heheh~ im soo picky~ so vain~ hahah~ well, gud if u know now~

And to prove just strong is the relationship between uneducated children with their parents, this is how.. remember I mentioned above that I asked my aunt to buy me the Ecco Pigment pen, well, she cant find it.. u know why?? Her answer really amuses me, soo much that I think she din even use quarter of her brains!! U know wat? I wanna ask this.. where would u buy a pen??? Even a kindergartener can answer this.. Tell u this, I u can anwer this question, I’ll give u ten bucks.. ahaha~ okay.. jeng jeng jeng~ this is her reason why she din buy me the pen… She said, “we cant find the pen.. even the worker there dono where its up for sale…” and u know where she looked for it?? In TOYS’R’US STORE!!! Practically a store specializing in gifts and toys!! How amazingly….. Grrrrrr!! Sorry I have to refrain myself from using the ‘S’ word.. Damn!! Who ever would buy pen in a toy shop??? My god!!! I feel like laughing but, I feel like shouting too! Gosh.. I guess this explains why her children looks sooo amazingly bizarre and barbaric!! Hehehe~ I hope none of my family member reads dis.. I be dead… super dead.. haha~ but, hey, Im just telling the truth.. hehehe~ this people… I mean.. this kind of people.. dang~ and u know, my aunt, she speaks soo much, u know, like the auntie auntie type who just dunno when to keep their mouth shut! She ould talk about everything, I men almost everything, even tho u din reply her.. its amazing how funny and hilarious stories she told me just bore me even more.. she shud be put to personality school or something, so she can be better.. hahah~ gosh… dat was harsh, I think. Hehehe~

Hurm… as much as I am disturbed by the thoughts of goin back for semester 2 in LimKokWing, I do look forward to it.. hurm…. And u knw wat, I discovered so much there; discovered things about myself, the people around me, my abilities, capabilities etc etc.. hurm… and u knw wat, I miss my frenz… Daniel, chris, foong, anne, Catherine, carrol, jenna, kim!!!!!!! And boqiang, I guess… hurm~ well, I dunno now.. shud I continue my “affair” with tat person? Hahaha~~ or shud I not? Well, we haven’t really speak about it.. hurm…. Hahaha!!! And wat chris told me bugs me, once in a while.. he said, “I dun wanna hide anymore,,,” wow! That’s very strong words… it struck me sooo deep into my head like a sudden lightning bolt, striking me and blast me into smithereens! Hahah~ sorry, im nt making sense here.. heeh~ ooooo… I miss chris~ sarguil, and yoda n krish~ wonder hw r they nw~ wonder if they feed yoda. Ahahha~ stupid housemates… hehhe~ but they’re the besh!!!! Hehhe~ I love them, eventho I rarely speaks to em’.. heheh~ dats just being typical me.. hahah~ hurm.. I wonder how is it feel living with Daniel, chris n boqiang under one roof? Heheh~ well, sorry! Im taking the master bed!!! Alone!! I wont share!! No way!! Ehehhe~ I have plans already on how to decorate my room! And for tat, I would need to make frequent trips to Ikea and some local furniture shops.. hehhe~ hurm.. shud I get a queen size bed of just a single bed? Hurm~~ and where d hell can I buy “tatami”? hurm……. So many questions oo… and I cant wait to get back to KK.. just a few days now.. hehhe~~ finally, I can meet and hug my long lost cat, chubby! And ben!! Yayyy!! Hurm…. So happy~ heheh~

I guess going back means new things too… I guess there wud be some new things awaiting for me.. heheh~ such as, new haircut and hair colour; which I might dose up a bit with some hi-lites.. heheh~ and new phone!! Yesss!!! And some new discoveries… heheh~ well, with a bit of luck tho. Hehhe~ and meeting frenz~~ Mr. Lim aka Hilary, Oliver, John and Alvin.. heheh~ meeting all ppl~ hehe~soo happy.. cant wait.. heheh~ oh oh oh!!! My driving license!! Damn~ soo scared… can I really pass the test? Hehehe~ I need more practice o~~ wuuuuuuuu~~~~

Ok la… so shit here no internet o~ cant online~ wuuuuuuuu~~~ no phone summore.. damn!!! Wuuuuu~~ I feel like living in Azkaban or something.. excluded from the outside world, just waiting in this damnation…. Wuuuuuu~~ but nevermind, only few days more till I go back KK.. hehehe~

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