Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hey.. Hurm.. Okay.. Hhaahha.. Nothing much to say... Its almost the end of semester.. Wow... How time flies.... Soo fast tat it seems just like yesterday tat i'm enrolled to this university college.. Hahahah.. Hurm.. Wat have i done, did all this time? Its soo blur.. Cant even think... Dun wanna reminisce about the past, it hurts so much.. feel like crying.. much have happened... i feel so sad n happy at the same time.. dun know how to express it... happy n sad n quirky things happened at the same time.. how.. why? i wonder if theres a significance between it.. just found out some disturbing facts.. dang~ why?? shud tat even happen~ hurm... figures... maybe i shudnt take myself for granted anymore.. gotta look myself from a different angle now.. hahah~ wow! dats something new.. huhuh~ hurm......... wondering~~ shud i attend de rikl facilitator meeting? well, its an easy way of getting money though, which i really need at the moment!!! dang!!!!!!!~~ hehehe~ hurm.. if dats d case, need to buy some new clothes... a formal clothes... hehehhe~~~ hurm!!! so shit!!! y shud i buy clothes dat i knw myself wont even use sooo frequently!!!! and shud i move away from desaria?? from dis fcuking limkokwing hostel????? arrrggghhhh!! too much thought running thru my mind like A to Z.... stop it!! i'll get old for sure!! arrrgghhh!! i wan my face to be wrinkle-free!! chewah~ if dats even possible~ hahahha~~~ k la... i wan mandi now.,.. see ya~~~ till then... muah muah~~~


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