Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fcuk!! I hate dis day!!!!

Okay was it me or is it tat everythng tat happnd today is soooo uncool n seems soo disastrously disaster????????? Man! It was chaos i tell u, chaos!! well, in a way it IS chaos! I fought wit my man, err... meaning to say, my best buddy (its nt wat u think it is, so shut ur mouth!) and d internet connection is way slow! hurm... dang!! hate dis so much!!! need i say tat the reason i fought wit him is because of a stupid simple stuff????? Dang!!! fcurk!!

well, ok.. i'll be starting using dis blog agen frm nw on, since d class blog is.. well... is soo yesterday! heeheh~

hurm.. dang~~~ i need u~~ (whoever u are, i hope u knw im talkin bout u~) i luv u so much~ just like i luv all d others too!!! i need u~~ please...

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