Sunday, July 20, 2008

A New Journey…

I'd like to start this blog with this picture of Anne's working.. Hehehe~

“ I need money, I need money, I need money… I need lots and lots of money…for shopping “



Hehe~ Most of the people that knows me will alwayssssss hear me say dat, regardless of wat time.. >.< st="on">ur a shopaholic like me, where shopping is like a drug; or a haven for you, you wud most likely like to shop and spend some $$$!! I guess that as long as you have some cash available, you wont feel satisfied and content because theres something inside you that urge you to spend spend and spend some more till you get … literally speaking, fall~ Hahaha~


Well, I must admit, I’m cursed with this pleasing sin; the spending Bitch kind of sin.. Hahaha~ Hurm..


“ I always use bitch cause it sounded okay, I cant call myself bastard cause it soundd.. really really bad..  hahaha~ But dat doesn’t mean I’m a BITCH!! “



Okay, now dat I’m having my grandiosely grandiose long holiday, I decided to find a job.. and work lah~ I guess I dun need to tell you why right? Okay but lemme just tell you.. Hahahah!! DHURRR!!! To get more money for shopping!!! Can I dieeeee??? Hhahaah~ Heheheh~ And theres this one item I wud like sooo much.. But hey, scratch dat!! I already made a “rich-list” of items that I have in mind when I finally grab hold of a lot lot lot lot lot of MONEY!! $$$$ ~~


* CHING CHING CHING CHING * <- money sounds.. Hehehhe~


Roz’s Rich List~


-         a new camera

-         a new phone, perhaps?

-         2 new pillows!! Feather goose please.. =)

-         An I-pod for my sis ( for her birthday~ humph!! )

-         A tea table for my room~ =)

-         Renovate my room!!!! =D

-         And some new shoesssss~ ZzzzZzZzZZzZz~

-         And go for holidays~ more traveling.. yeaaaaa~~


Hahaha~ Dats my so-called rich-list..=P Neat huh? And do note that I just luv to fill myself with all these fantasies of having the World on my very hand~~ Aaaaahhhh, the pleasures!! I wud order all people around like they’re puppets and I wud this and that, etc etc..~



* slaps Roz * Get out of ur stupid fantasies Bastard and get to work!!


Ouccchh!! Reality hurts~ Hahaha~ The truth is, I’m actually blogging from workplace.. Hehehhe~ Its already been 3 days for me working in Sushi King.. =) Just today dat I went to work early wif Anne.. Oh did I mention? I work at the same place with her for convenience purpose.. Well, she have a car and we live in Cyberjaya, and we’re working in Seri Kembangan which only takes around 10minutes to reach by car and a whopping 2hours by public transport.. I know, not fair right? Hahahah~


Anyway, lets start with the sweet sweet details.. =) I’m working in Sushi King, Seri Kembangan as a service crew a.k.a. waiter.. <3>


Reasons why I choose Sushi King:-


-         Anne is working here too..

-         I just luv sushi!!



My job consist of serving the customer ( Dhurr~ ), and taking orders and cleaning and etc etc.. AND NOT TO MENTION, STANDING FOR THE WHOLE FCUKING DAY!! And we cant even sit..>.< style="mso-bidi-font-style:normal">le, so stupid.. My kaki sooo hurt.. =(  And I do seriously think that my legs will also grew more bulky!! Yikesss~ Okay im not trying to sound cocky and vain ( tho the fact that I am VAIN!! ) hehehe~ I want my kaki to be not too muscular..=) cause I do rather have a bigggg figure, and I don’t want to top it up with more bulky legs etc etc…  Hahahah~ hey wait, dats not even VAIN!! 10000 bonus points for me!! =)


Me emptying the Shoyu and Nitsume bottles.. >.< 

Well, so far soo good, dat I can tell you.. Theres nothing dat is soo hard about this job, and all the people here are really nice.. =) I have :


   Anne and Ram~


Kamarul the abang-abang,

Ram the shy from “Johor”,             

     Hari the uncle-uncle,

Nima the Chobbits – cause he looks like Mr.Chobbits.. =)

Syukri the lelaki.. =)

Fei Fei the Kaitan~


Well, only this few people that I know so far, tho I know theres more people working here.. =) Need more time to know em’ call~


Oh and my TWO managers! Hehehhe~ Kak Ina aka Zarina, and the spunky Azrul.. Hehehe~ Well, you can see a very clear and distinct difference between these two people.. =) Kak Ina is more to motherly type of manager, and is a half-half strict manager whereas Azrul is more to a your-next-door teenager, who acquired power at such a young age and bound to use it freely and abuse it!! Muahahahah!! Anyway, Azrul is more sporting lar~ =)


And not to mention theres still a plethora of other workers…erm.. staffs that I have yet to know.. soon soon..


Everybody : knod head in unison.. T . T


* gotta know em all, gotta know em all * Pokemon theme song.. =)


p/s : I still “HEART” Pokemon..


Hehe~ Okay dats all for now about my working experience.. =) Hope u enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.. Hhahaha~ [ Okay I know dis blog is lame, but just LIVE with it.. =) ]


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