Monday, July 21, 2008

Burfday Burfday Boy!

Thursday, 17th July..


Woke up early today and followed Anne to work, at around 8.30am.. Din wash my hair, and yikes! Dats so not me.. Hahahha~ Tell dat to Daniel of Teluk Intan, he'd be freaked out for sure.. =) [ heres wat I think he wud say~ ]


Daniel   : U din wash hair a?  Eeeeeeee~

Roz      : Yeah, terpaksa one.. Have to rush one ma~

Daniel   : Yeah but still.. wash ony ma, like me oso~

Roz      : Yeah la, like u mandi, take at least 1 hour..


Just to remind u guys how Danie looks like.. =) Hehehe~

Heheheh~ Sorry Dannie.. I just kinda miss u as my housemate, hahah~ The house sooo empty now, now dat Farhan also back to KK.. =) But I do make full use of ur room.. Lemme tell you this; hehehe~ * evil smile..* I had sex in your room, a nasty sex.. Ummmm… The wall of your room was splattered with.. umm… awwww.. I cant say la.. I dun wan make a bad impression on myself.. Hahahahha~


p/s : none of the above statement about me having sex is true~ =)


Heheh~ Anyway, today at work, was messing around with.. erm.. with.. something, I guess cause im sure theres something wrong that I’ve done today~ Heheheh~ Or maybe its just my imagination..>.< style="font-family:Wingdings;mso-ascii-font-family: "Times New Roman";mso-hansi-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-char-type:symbol; mso-symbol-font-family:Wingdings;">ß ( Diam-diam one lar, if kena tangkap, then sei lo~ )

Me waiter-ing Anne~ Hehehe~

my FREE black pepper udon.. yum yum!!! 

Ummm.. And Anne told me dat theres somebody having burfday today and she wanted to buy a cake for tat certain sumbody.. Of course I agreed.. Dhurrr~ Hahahah~ You know me ma, im a good good boy..!! Hhahahah!


Voice   : Yeah right u retard!! Ur sooo bad u make my dead ancestors cry~

Roz      : Oh yeah??? Your mother soooooo scary, people think her burfday is Doomsday!


Hhehhe~ Oh sorry sorry, no pun intended.. Hehheheh~


Ummm.. Okay, back to the “real” story.. Hahaha.. Turn out, its Kamarul’s the Abang-abang burfday.. Its his.. ummm… 23 or 24th burfday, im not dat sure.. hehe~ so I went and bought a cake, a BIG BIG CHOCO cake dat cost RMxx.xx.. Dat really burn a hole in my pockets, my shirts my heart my etc etc.. Haiz.. =) But its okay cause its for a gOOd cause, I guess.. =)


not much of a cake, but its a cake!! heyyyyyy~~~

Burfday boy trying to feed me wif cakey~~ =)

me and Anne eating strawberriesssss... =)

Anyway, so we held a small small mini mini party for him, inside the kitchen and sang to him ( please note tat theres customers in present while we’re doing this celebration.. ) Awwww.. it was kinda sweet when u think about it.. =) Celebrating colleagues burfday.. Its soooo sweeeeeet~~ sweeter than honey itself, or RumRaisin ice-cream from Haagen Dazs.. =)


Ummmm.. This is sooo unrelevant but i've been washing my work-clothes every night cause its dirty; stains from the wasabi, shoyu, nitsume, etc etc.. And to make it dry faster, i've been putting it in the Micro to make it hot and.. hehehe~ You do the math!!!!!! Luckily so far, no EXPLOSION is at hand yet.. Hahahahahha~ 

OOKKAAAYYY!! Enough about Sushi King, damn~ Its killing me.. Hahaha~ I know I told some people that I wanted to go and travel around Thailand.. Hahahah~ Fat chance for that.. >.<>.<


Sadly to say, I still own no passport of my own.. ( mum dun let me cause she thinks I’ll abuse it and ran off to some country and never come back.. ) hahah.. jokes.. yeah, but she do doesn’t let me have a passport yet and im sooo lazy to use my own money to apply for one.. Hheehhe~ I know I know.. Im soooo rotten… >.<


And theres more problem.. Jeng jeng jeng~~


-         Direction.. I don fancy getting lost there..

-         Food problems.. ummm.. u know I cannot eat Mr.Bestfriend right? Oink oink!!

-         Language.. I dunno how to converse in Thai, except sawadikap.. Hehehhe~


Hurm.. Okay lar.. time to sleep.. =) I promise I will blog more in the future.. hehehe.. its just now that I don have enough rest due to the overwhelming and tiring work from work.. >.<>.<>



okay to sign it all of, heres a pic of me in my work-clothes.. =) 

ps: im soo luving it.. hehehehehehe...

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