Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Long and Much Waited... =D

p/s : i owe dis blog entry to Miss Lulu and Carrol for urging me to blog.. umm.. well dat doesnt sound right.. >.<

" I was lonely, and desperate; Desperate for companion, friends.. Well dhurrr, i was alone at the house at that time!! Arrgghhh !@#$%@!! I do crazy things when i'm lonely... "

Hehe.. ot of the usual lonesome craziness, i decided to :

[ ] traveling

[ ] Bitching

[ ] EATING!! ( my far fav' part )

[ ] sight-seeing

[ ] Bitching ( again.. T____T ' )

[ ] Meeting a fren.. =)

in PENANG!! The... errr.. Island.. ? i guess... >.<


Well, so i packed all my things; clothes, pants, brief.. ( Oooppsss!! ) and all stuff dat i know i might/might not use during my travel that i have yet to go.. =)

And so, i bought a ticket at the oh-so-smoky-it's-killing-me Puduraya, the "most" famous bus-station central that centralized in Pudu area which also centralized in Kuala Lumpur which also centralized in the Semenanjung Malaysia which is in Asia.. <3

Anyway, cut all the lame and long loooonnnggggg bus journey to Penang, ok? Its too long to write, i'll take a few hours just describing all the petty long tiring journey...
p/s : i got a nasty butt-ache for sitting too long.. Haiz...

" Artist's impression on butt-ache.. "

Well, i reached Georgetown, Penang at well past midnight.. >.<

Fie... Dats all.. Went to my fren house and sleeppppp..

...The next day...

Woke up around 2pm and had brunch.. Weeeeee!!! EAT!! My favourite!! Weeheee!!

I ate at this Chinese restaurant; erm.. more to a Hong Kong based style restaurant, but wats the difference?? Hong Kong = Chinese = Hing Kong = China = CHINESE?? lol... =D

Anyway, heres some few snaps of the restaurant.. and also the auntie working there.. Hehehhe~

AND ME AND MY FRIEND, of course..

I wudnt wanna waste any golden opportunity to show off right? I guess everybody know, i have a strong LUST towards camwhoring.. =D

( Lulu, dun say anything.. U oso wat??? Hhehehehe~~ )

( u know u can always click the picture to enlarge it.. =p )

Then after eating, ( and boy, i was soo full to the brim.. haha ) Managed to buy a new shirt from Padini, hehe~ Well, shopping is my privilige!! U cant seperate between me and my shopping craze!! Hehehhe~

Hurm.. Right after brunch and shopping, walked.. WALKED!! ( just saying it now reminds me of the tortured moments walking thru Penang..) Oh yeah, did i mention? Penang is sooooo hot!! I wish it snowed or something.. Hahahah!! >.<


Me at the Acheh Masjid thing-ama-jig..??

The busy roads at Georgetown..

Of modernity and tradition.. Suuueeeetttt!! <3

Georgetown's city model.. :p Its sooo small!! >.<

The preservation of old buildings in Georgetown..

Me and Desmond..

The beca; Oh i sooo wanna ride on one!!

The ancient ATM; and it worked!! I withdrew RM1000 from it.. =D

Me in front of the big oak-wood door of the "bank"..

Soo many monuments like this in Georgie-Town.. =)

At the playground!! Sooo much fun!!!

"Scrubs the floor, u scroogers!! Oye oye!! "
( please refer to the middle pic.. ;p )

Okaaaaaayyyyy!!! This is all, for now...

End of Part 1 ( It means Day 1 basically... ) be continued...

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