Monday, July 28, 2008

It's a BAD BAD DAY!!!

Like i said above, its a bad BADD BAAAADDDDD DAY!!! Or rather, rip dat off!! Its a fcuking major majorly bad worst day in my whole life ( July 2008 )!! Dont ask me why yet cause i am SOOOOOOOO gonna tell u about it... Hehhehe~

Theres few things dat contributes to this disastrous day and some of it includes :-

- Some bitch dat work at Sushi King has been irately irritating me.. =(
- the "manager"s weird and strange and annoying and sometimes perky and sometimes nice is making me feel "sea-sick" and wanna puke all over the floor....... =(

- stresses ( lol.. with 'es okay.. =p ) working as the cashier.. $$$~ =(
- i'm broke.. i mean, im super broke!!!!
- i'm feeling itchy all over now... i have no idea why.. =(
- i tried to cook maggie just now but the bowl fell and down it went to the floor... spent at least 30minutes cleaning em up.. =(
- i made huge mistakes during my shift as the cashier... =(
- and some other stuff lar... haiz.... =(

Hurm.. well, just to cut thngs short, everythng went bad la today...... =( 

But i did tried to cheer myself up by buying cheese cake, strawberries, and whipped cream.. =) the thng is, Farhan is coming back tomorrow from Kota Kinabalu and i mighty hell wanna greet him wif somethng, like a welcome back cake.. Hehehe~

Look at the strawberries i bought... <3

And heres the pictures.. hehehe~

~~~The luvable whipped cream~~~

~~The cheesecake~~

The cutlery.. Muahahaha! Its like, preparing for a "war".. Hehehe~

Ooooo... Looks sooo nice and juicy... <3

And, the verdicts are~~ 


wEll, not tat tempting but its okay.. hahahha~ Men are not meant to be in the kitchen.. Muahahahha! We men lack womens' traits in the kitchen zone.. Wat traits tat im talking about, i have no idea.. U tell me.. Hhehehe~

Anyway, its time to sleep.. =) hahahah.. well its way past 3am now and hell, i have work tomorrow.. and i do really need to wake up early...... =(

So, good night... =)

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