Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Thought I've Had it Now.. but.

Aaahhh finally, weekends!! I can be no happier than this!! No class!! A chance for me to rest these tired body of mine.. Or so i thinK.. Dang!! I still have tons of assignmnts on my hand to finish!! Waaaaa!! Seriously, I should not have procrastinate.. ( Oh okay, who doesn'T when you've been shoved with lots of wonders of life, Money for instance.. heheh )

Okay okay.. I know that if my mum were reading this, she'd be pretty pissed off, and prolly even cut off my weekly allowance ( GASP!! No no no no!! ) For some of you that wonders why "weekly allowance", here's why.. The thing is, Ive been raised up in a way that I'll always get what i want
( brat-much huh?) and Yea, i do tend to spend a lot.. I can never save ( all these time about me wanting to start saving is all plain bullshits! Dont believe me when i say i wanna save' cause i be plain lying ) So tats why my mum gave me weekly allowance because she know if she were to give me monthly allowance, i'd finished it in less than a week.. ^^

Err, let's stop talking about money.. ( I've jus finished this week allowance in like, less than 3days.. Called my mum last night for more $$$, and she were.. hehe.. not shocked, she's used to it.. Just the tone, like, "OMG, why do i have these kind of monster as my child?" ) Lol~

Hurm, todays intended activities.. Go to Alamanda and eat Steamboat with Nancy, Daniel and Ranty.. ^^ And after that, hurm,, Wat else? Maybe i should go to the shoes department and get myself a new shoes? I've been wearing my N-Balance shoes forever now, like everyday!! I need a new one!! ( bought last December ' 08 )

Well, i guess tats it fr nw..

- roz -

p/s : Chris, when wanna go the lake agen? o.O
wake me up if u do..

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