Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hurm.. I need to concentrate..

With weeks more till the end of this semester, i need to get a FCUKING TIGHT grip on myself, on the GROUND, on my willpower, my everything and just shake everythng!!! Aaaarrggghhhh!!!!

I still have tons of assignmnts on hand and yea, dat means im soooo soooo busy!! Like, argh! Major bummer..

Today i went to my B.Tech class.. Was late fr like, 1hour, but oh well.. At least I made it.. No thanks to my stupid alarm clock of a handphone.. >_< Do this again next time, and you're going to the rubbish bin! I mean it, you silly piece of technology..

Okay, let's write like normal people now, shall we? For Design class today, I showed my tutor, Lisa what have I done, the past week and my progress on my habitat.. And I've explained briefly and fastly since I have another class at 5pm which I'd really looked forward too.. And maybe because of my "eagerness" to leave fast, she instructed me to make a mock-up model with a 1:1 scale using cheap materials i.e. cardboards, paper and present it to her during this Friday!! I was flabbergasted.. Damn! Tis' is hard work.. And not to mention, money consuming.. Haiz.. But nevertheless, I managed to shake everythng off and ran out from the class to my next class ( that time, it was around 5.05pm)

Next class brings me salsa dance! Hahah.. I know, I know.. Its that kind of dance where you shake your butt like you mean it.. Now, stop smiling.. A Black girl intrduced herself to me, her name was Grace from the Business Faculty.. Awww, she's sweet.. At least, I have a friend there now.. ^^ ( I promise I'll upload pictures later.. )

Eugh.. Today has been a long day.. And I'm writing soo much.. T_T"

Till then, tata~

2 Mini Croaks:

Miss Mathew said...

All the best wth all ur asgmnts :) Dancing is a great way to make oneself happy & energised! XOXO

Roz./Ed said...

thnks sis!! hahah~ so far, its been great.. and i dunno why, salsa requires me/ and the rest to shake our hips to the beat..!! lol~ kinda awkward.. >_< and my dance partner is International girl, taking belly dance as well.. so shes been shaking her hips like Shakira everytime.. ^^

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