Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I got Sick..

Dear dears.. I guess u knw of my cravings and wants fr a dog right? And how my plans have been thwarted and canceled over and over again..?

As much as dejected and sad I am, i never put on a sad face ( well, to most people ) and always put on a BIG BIG FAKE SMILE so dat everyone thinks dat Im okay; fine et cetera..

Deep inside, I was hurt.. Like, torn to tiny lil' marshmallow pieces, shredded like cheap A4 paper, and minced like the minced beef they sell in Cold Storage.. Sigh.. I've been enduring all these pains for almost one week now ( yesterday was the 7th day.. ) and today, ( the eight day ) i fell sick.. hoho~

Dont get me wrong.. It is rare for me to fall sick.. I mean, its like watching cactus grow.. Err, the POINT is, I dont get sick dat often.. ^^

Urrrr, i got these nasty cough, flu or fever.. ( i dunno.. wats the difference? Hahahha~ ) My head is super heavy, like someone just placed a big big weight on it.. And everywhere i go, its soooo cold!! Like theres a hidden floating air-conditioner hovering, following me everywhere i go!! Buurrrrr!!! And i can hardly breathe thru my nose since theres this ooey gooey stuff.. What do u call them..? Phlegym..? Eh wait! Tats in your throat!! Ewww.. Mucuous..? Lol~~

And yea, when im sick, im mooody.. Lets just say, all this things/events are related to one another.. Ehem ehem..

When i WANT something, I WILL ALWAYS, ALWAYS gets it no matter what.. And if i dont, i'll sulk, refuse to eat, throwing fits, tantrums, bitch fight, etc etc till i get it..

And i still dont get what i want, i fall sick.. ( last resort.. )

and here i am, sick as my last resort.. a plea to get wat i want.. and so far, nothng happened yet.. Drat!! >_<

While i was stuck in my room, pretending to be someone tat is on their deathbed ( im sick, but im just exaggerating things up.. ) i got this BRILLIANT idea!!

Why not just buy the dog, no matter what the price and keep them in someones house till the one who din want the dog move away..? Errr.. Hw to explain..

Okay.. A housemate of mine refused to have a dog in the house saying it will only complicates things up, u get the drift.. But, that person would be leaving LimKokWing the end of this year.. Which means if tat person is no longer in this house, I CAN BRING POCHI IN!! MUhahaha~

So, now all i have to do is find a victim ( friend ) of mine that is willing to care for Pochi ( the name fr the dog.. ) in the meantime.. And ive decided to torture Hansen.. ^^ Heheheh~

Why Hansen? Awww nothing.. Just because i like to mock him and kacau him, just to see his angry face.. hihi~

He agreed, which put me on CLOUD NINE!! I was soo happy, i dont feel sick anymore!! Hhahaha~ If i have wings, id be flying to Pluto nw!! Hhahaha!! Thnks Hans!!

Heres a tribute to my savior, Hansen!!

hehe~ Hes an Indonesian boy.. ^^

Tats my face.. dont u thnk we have the same smiling pose..? Eeee!! Ikut-ikut!! >_<

Anyway, lets just hope the plan goes well eh..?


1 Mini Croaks:

fJ said...

Coincidence, I've been sick all week too. Like a pack of Clarinase gone sick! When I went to guardian to get more, they look at me weirdly like I have swine flu or something.

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