Sunday, May 17, 2009


Arrrgghhh!! ( just please imagine me trapped in a cage, rattling the steel bars like a madman )

I am sooo angry!! Pissed off!! Sad!! Disappointed!! Worried.. Furious!! arrrgghh!! all feelings at one time! Haiz~ Too much!! No more.. i'm gonna explode soon~ >_<

So all this just because of my wish of havng a dog being denied.. Well, thwarted over and over again! Oh mum!! Please buy me a new house!! and a dog too, k? ^^

Well, the dog tat i've booked was bought by someone else dat paid more that wat me and the owner agreed to pay.. so, being a super materialistic, money-eyed people, he agreed!! leaving me in deep sadness and despair~! haiz!! so sad laaa!!

Geez, is it really hard to get a dog? I mean, yes.. I will be solely responsible fr it, i know i can..

Theres nothing tat will make me abandon the dog.. So far as I am concern, i dont have a life partner yet, be it girlfriend or boyfriend.. So, the dog will be my baby instead.. ^^

I know i can take care of it, play with it, etc etc and still have enough time for my own things like assignmnts and stuff..

Err, maybe i'll go out shopping less at that time since i am more attached to my doggy, but isnt dat a good thing? seriously, i spent more than 3k alone in a month just fr my expenditure, and like with a whopping rm15k per semester fr my course, isnt havng a dog would prevent me frm spendng more???

Arrrgghh!! And im the only one with these craze fr dog.. Ranty, my housemate is also damn crazy bout gettng a dog.. ^^

Hey, at least im nt alone right? hehe~ dat made me feel happy..

And guess where am i going this Wednesday? To PAWS in Subang!! Well, nt to adopt dogs or anythng, to just play with all the dogs there since i cant get one!!! >_< humph!! So annoying!!


And as an eye-candy, heres some picture of my desired dog, Golden Retriever..

I mean, theres a lot, and i can only upload some of em.. >_<

4 Mini Croaks:

Sandal_Butut88 said...

You Can Do It..!!

I Know You Can Do It..!!

Zach said...

Wow.. You spend so much per month.. @@

Miss Mathew said... an ancient person ;) ahaks! mayb ths is a blessing in disguise...r u living in an aprtnt ka? not really suitable..pity d doggy, nanti not enuf exercise tu...goin to PAWs/SPCA is a good idea n deed(kasi sanang hati itu doggies) :)

Roz./Ed said...

Ranty : Seep mbak!! makasih bgt!! heheh~

Zach : urm, thanks..? i guess i was raised that way.. err, well, dat doesnt sound right.. >___< sry..

Jie2 : hahaha~ im living in a townhouse.. like, a banglo.. tp no courtyard.. eeeee... bummer dis.. >_< seriously, i really wan a dog ooo..

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