Saturday, May 16, 2009

5 Things that I really want..

If you're a Facebook user, theres a lot of these "5 Things stuff" where you pick the top 5 of watever it is, and display it to the world to see..

Similar like a survey aights?

Well, heres my top 5 things that i really want!!! And i do mean it!!

1 : Time

I need more time to figure out things and settle things.. Theres been so many thngs happend at one time in my life and boy do i need more time!!

2 : Money

Who doesnt need money? Money is like the essence of life nowadays.. NO money, no life.. You can get through life now without having money.. It is a materialistic world out there where only the richest can survive easily..

3 : A New Room ( Master Bedroom preferred.. )

Yea, tho i am a hapy owner of a nice green Japanese-styled room, i do need a new room!! A bigger one so my soon-to-be dog can have more room to run around and more space for him to roam.. and to call his own.. Anyone heard of a good offer lately? Do tell me.. ^^

4 : My Pochi

My baby, my life.. Will buy soon from Trish's bro for a whopping 1.7k which i would gladly pay.. Please dont say anythng about it cause i wont listen.. Im stubborn and will be more stubborn fr the thngs tat i crave for.. Sorry.. I might hurt other peoples feeling during these period, so i am sorry..

5 : Death

Okay! Im nt being emo here but death doesnt sound bad at all if i cant get all of the above.. ^^

Okay, so heres my 5things dat i really want now.. Wats yours? hehe~


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