Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One dOwn, 3 to Go...

So, he talked to me at last.. Was soo glad.. all these times, i've been waiting for a sign.. Cause if it's not him, who else? I never did have these kind of thing with other people other than him.. And for that, I thank you for talking to me first.. I know things are still a bit cold, and awkward, but we'll fix that.. I don't know how, but i know we'll get to there eventually.. We always do.. ^^

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

I have no idea what is going on in your head, so I can only guess.. This is the first time these "difficulty" happened between us and I have no idea on how to handle it.. I guess all I can say is I am sincerely sorry.. I was also waiting for you that night to call me down from my room and work on that tower.. Did it occured to you how dejected and low I felt when you said your accursed words??? I know it's my fault, but please refrain yourself from saying that again.. Maybe you're super angry and pissed off at me that time, and you loose your control.. I do not know, but i haven't heard anything from you since then.. Sad eh? Were you avoiding me then?

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

I seriously what you think of me.. Seriously, I don't.. I can never understand you.. You act soo differently every time I see you.. Why? Please stop making me confused and scared.. I maybe a little bit too emotional, I know.. But you are emotionally unbalanced!! That part really scares me.. You're like a walking bomb.. Every actions may trigger the explosion.. And can you please stop, stop talking behind my back? Can you just talk to me face-to-face like a girl you are? Let's just work things out, okay?

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

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Lately I find myself to be addicted to a certain game in Facebook ( again, argh.. This sucks! ) It's called Restaurant City.. It's a game that makes you run around in Facebook and adding people like crazy.. The thing is, whenever you add a person, you'll get an item or ingredient needed to cook your recipes.. Unfortunately, you can only and ONLY get one item from a person.. Therefore, to get more ingredient, you have to add lots and lots of people, or just simply start trading.. But eventually, you will just have to start adding for the sake of getting new ingredients.. ( made a terrible mess of my friend list, seriously.. )

I hope I'll be able to overcome this addiction asap, cause "Hell's Week" is coming.. By means of that, I meant "submission week".. It's something I learn from a lecturer of mine today, in History&Culture class.. Her name is Suzy Sulaiman.. A very able lecturer, if you ask me.. She knows a lot.. ^^

Hurm.. What else..? Oh yeah.. Pochi.. Iunno.. Maybe he have to wait a little bit more, eh?

Figures.. Shiet! This is making me sad just thinking of it.. >__<"

- roz -
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