Friday, August 19, 2011

Poker Face~

Hi, whats up everybody? Is everyone fine? Lol~ Don't mind me, I am just talking to anybody else.

Hahah.. So lame.. I know right?

Hrm.. It came to my attention today, that somebody said that I didn't care.. Or well, I showed no interest of the current biggest issue in my life.. Well not really mine alone, but involves 3 other people in my life..

It hurts.. And it stings..

Because I do care.. I just didn't showed my emotions and air my opinion about it..

Why? Why didn't I, you might ask?

Because that will be disastrous.. I am a walking time bomb full of emotions.. When I do show it, people might get swept away by it.. And everything goes boom.. Die..

Seriously I have my own thoughts and opinions, but in this matter, I really think its really up to the higher ups.. Its their choice.. Its their life.. Me? I will make the best out of it; I will find my own way.. Simple eh?

She asked me, who will I follow if the worse of the worse happens.. And I said, I will find my own way somewhere faraway.. I'll start my own life..

And I really think this is the best.. May be hard, and I know I will suffer.. No more shoppings.. Ahhh The horror!?!?!??!

But yeah, it'll do me good to stand on my own ground.. T_T"


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