Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Maid is a Very Annoying Monster!

Yeah seriously.. T_T"

Ask all of my family members, they'll say the same.. Or rather, at least, I'd be saying that.. Hehehe..

What's with the nickname? Okay here's why..

- she eats a lot! Oh damn.. She ate my Big Apple doughnut ( and I haven't had the chance to eat them! ) You big silly bitch!

- She eats a lot! She never prepares breakfast and lunch for me! I cook for myself!! Or in a lucky situation, my mum brings food to me.. ^^

- She reserves food for herself.. Every morning, she would eat all those leftovers food, leaving none for me.. >_< I just had to everything myself, is it??? - She talks loudly on the phone like the world is hers and nobody else.. It's like, HEY!!! I'm trying to watch the TV here, not listening to you babble on the phone, talking in some language I don't know.. T_T"

- She made this icky noise when she's chewing/eating.. It's like.. Chomping.. Noises that makes you wanna vomit.. Creepy chomping slurping noise.. Eugh~ Imagine that happens everytime you eat while she's seating next to you..

- She arranges all my stuff into places that I don't even know existed in my home.. She once "hid" my technical pencil away, and didn't tell me about it.. When I finally' ( used very loosely.. ) needed it, I was searching everywhere for the pen.. I even thought they were gone forever.. FML! The next day I asked her about it, she'd just pointed out that it's in one of my drawer ( the drawer I kept my hanky in.. ) T_T"


So there you have it.. A low-down about my maid.. ^^ I wonder if there's anymore like this.. Eugh.. I guess this post made me look like an evil bastard that have no respect to others.. Maybe so.. Why bother respecting others when they don't respect you.. * humph *

I'm still a stuck-up person like that, no matter what.. ^^


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