Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just a thought..

I was on my way to the bathroom to take a short hot relaxing bath when I just feel like having a drink..

So I went to the fridge and took a can of Coke and started walking back to my room ( since I have my own bathroom in my bedroom ) while thinking just how good that particular can of Coke would taste..

Heavenly, don't you think?

As I started to open the lid, I was attacked by this sudden thought of Coke's amount of sugar, the agony it would take for me to burn all those fats... Eugh... It was soo gruesomely scary that I quickly went out of my room and put the Coke back in the fridge..

Instead, I had myself a very cool refreshing glass of water instead of the sugar-attack fatty acidic scary gruesome Coke.. ^^

Healthy!!! Woot woot!!

Ain't I a good kid..? Hahaha!

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大恒 said...

wow.....high motivation...haha..if me...i ll drink it..than regret latter on

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