Saturday, January 2, 2010


Yayyyy.. It's 2010, and blogging just seem so..... sexy.. ^^

I guess it has been a while ( like 10 years ) since I last blogged ( not that you'd care, right? ) and I am in a desperation to update.. So here goes..

My New Year celebration has been FABULOUS! I've spent it with some very very GOOD FRIENDS of mine.. Jonathan Ong, Yen Bridget, Stewart, Sheena, Pey Pey and Kew.. ^^

Things were very fun, and mind boggling, if u ask me.. Add in a game of dice-drinking, we found ourselves shouting and screaming and begging for mercy and sighing in despair!! hahaha!!

But thats not the main point of this post, i guess.. Not very long ago, i was thinking of my wants and needs and i must say, I am truly confounded.. Theres just too many!!! OMFG!! And i havent even thought of my resolution for 2010!! Gosh.. Let me list em' all up, k? ^^

Wants and Needs :

- A dog ( will get soon.. Golden Retriever.. )
- A psp..?
- A SLR?
- A new laptop.. Mac preferred.. ( Why MAC? idk, i jst like it cause it looks nice.. :p )
- New shoes!
- etc..

all of a sudden, i dont feeli like blogging any more... ok then. bye bye!! :p

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