Saturday, April 30, 2011

Curiosity Kills the Cat...

But in MY case, it killed me!!

I tried smoking..
( I stole one from Shanna, I guess its hers? )

I smoked one.. Out of curiosity, you know..

And I swear to God, I am never gonna smoke again..


First, it made me cough.. Not just your normal run-of-the-mill cough, it was those awkward kind where you tried to act cool, but you ended up looking like an idiot..

Now picture me trying to hold my cough while holding a cig, blushing furiously..

Err, not a pretty sight.. :(

It hurt my ego, just a lil' bit..

Second, when I'm done with the cig, oh WOWW????

I got dizzy.. I was walking-swaying side to side..


Luckily there wasn't anybody.. If not, I would have die of humiliation..

Third, the smell.. The cig smell kills.. I mean, I don't have any objection to people smoking near me, but when it radiates from me, from my mouth, from my body.. Oh boy.. Thats a no-go!!

That's all.. End of my rant..

Thanks for listening, or reading..


Oh happy birthday Jenna!!! :D

Happy 30 years old!! Hahahahahahha!!!

( i'll tag you later in FB okay?? ^^ )


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