Friday, July 1, 2011

Nothing But a Visitor.

I know I have always been a let down.. I admit it myself; I am... And sadly enough, it never occurred me to change into a better person, you know...

In my right mind, I am always Right.. I do whatever I want, practically because I know I could, and I would.. Nobody would object to what I want, and even if they did, I will always find a way to get what I want, no matter what the cost.. I know, I know.. I am living a completely ignorant life.. And took everything for granted..

I am currently back in my own home, in ol' Kota Kinabalu.. And yet, it is the strangest thing ever.. I just cannot get rid myself of this strange atmosphere.. Maybe this is just me, but I do feel unwanted here.. Like I do not belong here.. It is strange to be home, but not feel at home.. Guess this pretty much describe the title eh? I feel uneasy all the time, anxious beyond my wits; like something bad is going to happen any minute..

Plus the fact that there is no single speck of "proper" food in the house makes it any more worse.. By mean of proper food, I mean cereals, fruits, dairy stuff.. None of that!! How depressing.. All they seem to have are cupcakes, cakes, sugary biscuits.. Needless to say, they only contain sugar and carbs and I am having none of that..

But are they not food you serve to your guest?? You will not be serving your guests cereal and cheese and milk right?? What a weird choice of condiments right? Hahaha..

In the back of my mind, I wish I were back in KL.. Tucked safely in my room, alone.. I was secure, I was happy..

Too bad eh? :(

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