Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Big Meany...

My daddy is a big meany, heartless, soul-sucking monster who knows no compassion!! ( Roaarr!! )

This morning I woke up at 6 cause I needed to send my sister to school but the thing is, I can't even walk straight for 10 seconds because I was having this fricking headache on, and a seriously runny nose..

Seriously not a good sign..

Told my sister to ask our Mum to send her to school instead.. and I crawled back to my bed to continue my snoozing..

Till it was somewhat 1hour later that I heard somebody banged on my door and I knew instantly that it was my dreaded Dad..

Struggled to get up and told him that I am sick, and was not able to go to the office..

And guess what was his reaction???

He got real angry and began lecturing me about not doing my job, and the progress reports' dateline is closing in.. Saying all this even after knowing I was figgin sick!!!

Ohhhh that brute!! He even asked me to go work in KFC if I continue acting this pampered!! I was like, WTF??? I can't even get sick without getting a scolding from him!! Fcuk!!

( wish i was cute as this little boi.. :( made me so jealous. )

So, in a nut shell, it was a very very bad morning.. Was soo down with headache, and I kept on sneezing in the office.. Loud loud sneezes.. Def' made me awkward.. :(

Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow... :)

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