Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Alamak boring nya...

Okay okay okay so I don't blog that much.. Only once a blue moon.. But hey, can't expect that much from me.. I'm a very busy man, Okay okay???

Hey, but here is an interesting thought.. Daddy is in town ( KL ) for a few days.. I wonder what I should ask him to get me?

Maybe its time to ask him to get me that Louis bag that I love so much? Hold on, I'll post up a picture..

Should I get the damier graphite or the Geant Canvas Associe GM N58035?? 

Oh wow I love them both! 

But Daddy is figgin' stingy.. God I hate him.. T_T"

Going to meet him up tomorrow night after my treasure hunt in campus.. Weeww.. Such a busy busy man..

I hate it..

Oh somebody ( i think got a lot.. ) mentioned/thinks/thought/guessed/etc that I am a loner.. Oh man!! How could them? Just because I don't speak so much doesn't mean I am a loner.. So sad.. :(

Guess I have to talk more then..?

So lazy.. haih..

NIghts.. :(

- gotta clean up my blog.. got some stuff that is NSFW -

So lazy.. :(


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