Monday, July 2, 2012

Sore Day.

Sunday marks the day.

Sunday really marks the day.

Such a tiring day.

Such a happy day.

So much fun.

So much bonding.



Today, Monday..

Muscles are sore..

Bruises everywhere..

But with a great memory and experience in my heart..






Friday, June 29, 2012


Eish dad called me in the midst of the night.

Around 12am. Scared me to death. I thought its Satan calling.

Turns out its only Satan's helper... My dad...

 ( I wanted to put his picture, but I jst realized I have none. )


Oh yeah. No time to "hehe".. Angry mode now..

Dad scold me. Yes. HE SCOLD ME. AGAIN!

And this time, its because my bitch of a sister spent around RM400++ on her phone bills..

Like WHOOOAAA BITCH! Yu spent that much??? I don't even reach RM100! And I called a lot!

What did you do? Damn bitch..

Because of you, I got scolded..

* Slaps sister *

Baru puas hati aku! Hahaha..

Now I can't even sleep.. Ugh.. Pathetic..

Somebody save me la from this misery..

I want to go for a holiday.. Ahhh so sad..

so bored..

I'm dying..


Like butter...





Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Life has been pretty much hectic nowadays..

Hardly get enough sleep..

Maybe its my fault too..

Procrastinate too much..

But eh, I didn't procrastinate lah!

I guess I just took too much time to finish my works..

Hahahah.. It's pathetic..

If I should say so myself..


God I miss that moment..

Wish I can live it up again..

I miss you..

I really miss you.. :(

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Alamak boring nya...

Okay okay okay so I don't blog that much.. Only once a blue moon.. But hey, can't expect that much from me.. I'm a very busy man, Okay okay???

Hey, but here is an interesting thought.. Daddy is in town ( KL ) for a few days.. I wonder what I should ask him to get me?

Maybe its time to ask him to get me that Louis bag that I love so much? Hold on, I'll post up a picture..

Should I get the damier graphite or the Geant Canvas Associe GM N58035?? 

Oh wow I love them both! 

But Daddy is figgin' stingy.. God I hate him.. T_T"

Going to meet him up tomorrow night after my treasure hunt in campus.. Weeww.. Such a busy busy man..

I hate it..

Oh somebody ( i think got a lot.. ) mentioned/thinks/thought/guessed/etc that I am a loner.. Oh man!! How could them? Just because I don't speak so much doesn't mean I am a loner.. So sad.. :(

Guess I have to talk more then..?

So lazy.. haih..

NIghts.. :(

- gotta clean up my blog.. got some stuff that is NSFW -

So lazy.. :(


Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh My.. Money!!

Oh God.. I just had an epiphany of what my life lacks.. or actually is more to what I WANT!!

As sadly as it may seem, I am the type that thinks.. "and wishes".. the world resolves around my not-so-special self.. I mean, who wouldn't, eh?

Other people seem to think that they need Love, Care, Money, Sex... Security, Comfort, Popularity.. etc etc.. Whatever it is lah, so many things.. I am lazy to list everything out cause I am having major stomach-ache right now and I am wiggling my legs as I type this blog down! Ahhhh sweet balls!! It hurts!!

p/s : the fucking problem is, I don't even know if I need to go take a crap or my stomach hurts just because I have been eating so many spicy food.. Owww.. Damn it!

Okay!! On to what is important.. My life lacks..

- warmth

I mean, I am a lovable person, once you get to know me.. Ask all my friends, they will all say I look like a stuck-up retard bastard, but I am sweet in the inside.. So sweet, even my best friend Daniel calls me a man-whore.. Literally, a MAN-WHORE! ( I wonder if this will make me sound bad.. cause I don't really want people to talk about me that much.. hmm.. figures.. )

- Money

basically sums it all up.. yeah.. i know I will talk so much in this part.. I mean, come on.. Be realistic.. Money plays a very very major role in life today.. Ever heard of the saying, No Money No Talk? Yeah sure you do.. Its so famous now.. People use it everyday.. And me, I am different.. No money, no life.. Can't do anything without money, people..

Even to love, you would need money.. Okay okay.. Love generates to many many little path.. Got pure love, got sex, got dating, got many lah.. Thing is, every love need money.. For example, to get a girlfriend or boyfriend, also need spend money le! If not, its no money no talk! Lu boh lui u jiak sai lah! 

I am scared of that.. If my beau' was screaming at me those very words in public, I think I can cry.. :(

Imagine the embarrassment lah..You dress so smartly and parade around with a girl/boy; chest tucked out feeling like you are the luckiest person in the world and this happened! Fcuk off! Just the thought of it makes me cringes.. Eww.. So like, in a nut shell, as you all know it, no need to deny anymore, the truth is that NO MONEY NO LIFE!!

And the thing with money is, you can buy anything.. Everything is money now, can buy anything with money lah, sex also can buy with money.. Money money money!! Its a rich man world!! Wow I just wish ( everytime everyday actually ) that I am a rich guy!! Weewww what wouldn't I buy???? Hahahaha!! ( and yes, I am laughing now.. and I know I am such a messed up kid.. ) 

Aiyaaahhhhh just basically what I need most in my life is money lah.. Easier said right? Money money money.. I have money then I am happy already.. So easy to satisfy.. Hahaha.. 

I am in the airport now, magically so.. why? Because I started writing this blog last night, but stopped halfway to watch Glee instead.. Don't get too excited yet, I am only watching the re-run of Season 1.. Somehow in the midst of my hectic life, I have never been able to find time to watch Glee.. Which is pathetic I might say, considering I liked the episode, just lack the time and maybe, motivation to watch it? 

I don't know.. You try and guess it for me.. :) ( fun right? weeeee.... ) 

Okay airport.. Airport.. It is a very very good place for "people watching", if you know what I eman lah.. So many people here to watch and to decipher.. Hehehe.. I just wish I am not alone at this moment so I can at least share my thoughts and ratty itty bitty.. It's no fun bitching alone.. 

So many people to look at and to bitch at; I wish I can take pictures!! Hahaha!! Once a while, or maybe more than once a while, you get to see some pretty beautiful, hot, handsome, cute, gorgeous, sexylious, sex-able, kiss-able, hug-able people that you just can't help but ogle at that person.. Only at that moment when you suddenly realized your face is filled with testosterone while looking staring at a person then you be able to look away.. 

Like right now I am watching this bunch of steward and stewardess 
I have no idea where from but oh man.. They were beautiful.. Or at least some of them lah.. And then there is this gay looking guy 
 walked past by me.. Bitch!! Can't fool nobody with that outfit of 
 yours! Grr.. But seriously who cares? Told you, bitching alone is no fun.. I feel so lonely now.. Even that picture -------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
seems to be mocking me! Hate it.. Hate hate hate hate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get the fuck away from me!!! Roooaaaarrr!!! 

Seriously I have no idea what to do now.. I am waiting here in this airport ( KLIA ) without any sense of purpose.. Well my flight is at 3pm and its only 2.12pm now.. Hummm... Bored.. Oh wow that guy is hot!! Fcuk!! Y U WALK SO FAST?
I'm going to stop writing now and concentrate on watching people now.. Hahaha..




Happy Chinese New Year people! Gong Xi Fa Chai!! 

p/s : don't eat too much orangess!! <3

- which reminds me abt vitamin C.. I guess I talk abt that next time.. :)

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