Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"And he says..."

“The Death Of A Loved One,

For They That Remain,

The Wound Grow Deeper,

They That Remain Will Grow Weaker And Weaker,

An Agony Incomparable;

Their Heart In Bondage… “

Hey!! Here I am again.. Well, referring to the above, no one has died.. It’s just me being my usual vapid, death reckoning state.. hehe.. erm.. well, what should I write today? Hehe.. Oh yeah, did I mentioned? I was supposed to have my car driving test yesterday (21st January 2008) So I was like, “God, please.. please.. I need to pass this test!!” I was praying very hard the night before Monday.. Sigh.. Little did I know that I didn’t get to take the test because something ominous happened.. Oh, the fate!! Why??

Let me tell the story, riiiiggghhhttt from the beginning.. hehe~~

Once upon a time…..

I woke up early that day (the day of the test) just because I was excited.. Haha.. and then dad sent me there, at around 7.30 in da morning.. Boy was I nervous? Haha!! But then I still managed to say “hi” to Anne and she wished me Good Luck too! Wooo!! So lucky I got her as my friend!! ^~^

So like, she asked me to wait for the JPJ “orangs” at this pondok.. hehe.. And I waited for a fcuking’ 20minutes (by that time, theres quite a lot of people waiting too..) And when the JPJ “oranges” arrived, they asked us to make a line, and Q’ up to register us.. Hehehe~ At this point, I felt soooo nervous!!! Damn!! Hahaha.. This test is giving me a full hard willies on the knees!! Hehehe.. I do ope I pass it with super flying rainbow colours!! Hehehhe.. Well, when it was MY TURN, then I realized.. MY FCUKING NAME WASN’T ON THE LIST!! Can u just imagine how deeply embarrassed I was? How paiseh!! Hahhaha.. And as an act of covering it up, I call the first person in my head.. Anne!! Hehehhe~ I asked her whats wrong and bla b la.. And she told me, “Roz, wait.. I check first.. I call u later k?”

Well, I was beyond despair at that time.. Not only because everybody was staring at me as if I was hiding a 1000-pack condom under my shirt and can’t wait to use it!! Wuuuu…. Have mercy!! Hehehhe..

After a few good minutes (in torture) Anne called me and say there’s been problem about my test.. Ahhhh?? What?? Lol.. Cheh.. No prob la oso.. At least I still have time to practice at home.. heheh~ And my next real test (hopefully) is on this 24th Jan 2008!! Hehhehe~ Then again, more praying needs to be done!! Hahahha!!

Obviously trying to rush out from the “pondok”, I called mum and asked her to fetch me asap while I ran (well, walking actually) to Anne’s office, trying to seek refuge.. hehe.. And when I reach her office, she teased me!! Hahahah! Kurang asam u Anne.. Hehehe~ And dats all.. Hahha.. Waited for mum while chatting with Anne.. Hurm.. When mum arrived, she le me drive her car!! Wooo!! Drove the car back home and mum sat at the passenger’s seat, giving me tips and hints while driving.. Hahahah.. She even let out a squeal when I almost, ALMOST hit a car from the opposite direction.. Hehehhe~ So funny!!

Well, dats all for dat day.. Hehehe.. It was fun, but tiring as well.. Why tiring? Err.. I guess because I had ta’ wake up early? Hahaha.. Okie then.. See ya!! Muah muah!!

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