Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cries of despair...

Its only a matter of time,

Before I grew tired of u,

Before I start looking for someone new,

U knw I need it all,

Its something tat u might never have,

So I was looking for someone new,

To push my pain away,

And I knw he may never kiss me the way tat u do,

And he makes me feel like I was a part of his life,

At least he never makes me cry…

And tell me he will never cost me pain,

Something I never heard from you..

I know I can call him mine…

I’m sick of saying goodbye,

But I gotta move on,

And he may never never kiss me the that way you do,

At least he makes me feel like im a part of his life,

He doesn’t make me cry,

I know I will call him mine..

U shud never try to change me,

I can be nobody else,

And I like the way I look..

Wat u see is wat u get…

This is me, im all out..

If u wan me dun forget,

U shud take me as I am,

Cause baby I promise u,

Wat u see is wat u get,

No strings attached….

Even if u try,

U’d be looking for trouble,

Believe me, u wont like it…very much…………

What about u???

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