Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Swim swim!!


My cousins!! Apparently they got sick of waiting so they decided to "have fun" first~

Hi.. Its been a while since I update my blog.. soo pity la.. heheh
e~ and nw, since im in such a good mood; NOT!!!! I’ve decided to write sumthng just to clear my mind off things.. heheh.. well, here I am, in front of my trustworthy lappy a.k.a. laptop, stark naked (OooOOoOoppPpsss!!! I accidentally let tat slip out.. haha) typing down whatever things tat crossed my mind..

Ps: actually I was getting ready for bath but.. hahaha.. suddenly I got this certain urge to sit down and type… lol..

Now where were we? Oh yeah!! Dat day~ er.. when was it? I forgot~ lol.. hehhe~ I think it was.. erm.. lemme check my calendar frst~ [checking…checking…] oh yeah, on the 28th of Decmber 2007, me and my cousins planned.. err.. well, actually I planned it out, tat we all were to go and have fun at Taman Tun Fuad Waterworld since annual big family vacation have been called off.. so much for me goin back kk.. lol.. and, well, everything went fine.. lol.. so syok la.. tho me and my sis arrived there 3hours late.. hahaha.. was it three or two and a half? Hurm.. I cant quite recall.. hurm… hhehe.. hu cares?

my sis and my cousin.. hehe~

And the best part was, my darlings, Raymond and Edgar was there too!! Did I mention, (for the blurs) Edgar is my cousin whereas Raymond is my nephew? Heheh~ they’re the most cutest cousin (pop’s side la) I have.. lol.. but they’re still young, so of course they look cute.. hahahha…

Raymond enjoying his chicken wings.. hehe~

Lunch.. WTH!?!

Try and guess how long we spent the time there??? We started swimming (bush..bush!!!bush!!!!~~~weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!) from 12pm and went back at around 5pm.. cool eh? Well, time past very fassstttttttt when u spent it with someone u enjoy being with.. don u have that kind of experience too? And remember during school, especially during those class tat u never enjoy in ur entire life?? One period of tat class seems to be taking ages!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell? Hehehe~~

Lol.. well, tat was it.. when I reach home, damn!!!!!!!!!!! My skin was aching all over!!! Stupid sun!!! I hate u!!!! I got sunburn!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its soo painful!!!! It stings!!!! Owwwhhh!!! Dat night, I applied a lot of lotion to my skin~~ wuuuuu…. Lol.. and I got bruised from the rides.. hahah.. wonder why my sis went out all right? I mean, I was the only one who came out bruised..

Lol.. well, lets nt continue much on that.. errr… WAIT!! I ran out of ideas n topics!! Hahaha~ well, I guess this is it.. Tata!!

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