Thursday, May 8, 2008

इ ब्रुइसे एअसिली...

WTH?? Definitely ders somethng wrong der.. i installed d tamil language and then, when i type in here, it became like dat~~ *refer above, its meant to be, "i bruise easily".. heheh*

my skin is like my heart, it reflects how i feel...

so please don be angry or touchy-touchy when i'm nt smiling..

cause u knw i cant hide it, but its nt a negative thing.. heheheh~ so sorry k?

and maybe am i too bossy? woooo!! please tell me wats wrong with me!!!!

so i always let my guard down, so i can hurt no one, but underneath, i bruise easily too, so please be gentle when ur handling me.. >.< style="color: rgb(153, 153, 153);">alone.. A L O N E.. Dats like, so sad T.T * Daniel so evil le... wuuuuu... wnt out to do his interview, leave me alone.. uuuuuuu...

and even Nature seems to take pity on me, it was soo cloudy dis morning, like its gonna rain, big time!! so i took out my baby blue gray GIORDANO umbrella, and took it to school wif me!! Yayayyy!!! and class was booooooorrriing as usual...


beFore tat, chit chat wif Catherine inside IH just so i can enter the class late.. hehehhe~ * im soo evil!! wuu huu!! * well, the original plan was to meet my lecturer frst, Mrs. Fauziah Saadah to discuss about my english report, which i havent done.. errr.. well, havent START yet.. ahahahah~ well its nt my fault la, wuuu~~ all d shop soooo stingy one!! acting like bitches under d rain, screaming like hell.. wuuuuuu~~ wont lemme do interview wif them.. are u trying to be racist? waaa~~

but lo and behold!!! it din rain!!! * gasp.. Roz, ur going to look like a stupid bitch nw!! * nooo!! so, inside d class, i was hoping ( praying to be exact ) tat its going to rain... just so i dun look stupid later on.. hahahaha~~

well, it din rain.. but it got hotter... well, no way im gonna use the umbrella just because its hot!! im nt a prissy missy u know??? i rather sweat!!!! :p

when i reached home, i started to cook.. well, some very economy student food la.. hehehhe~ and then farhan came back frm school.. * hye Farfar!! bye FarFar*

Dats all der is.. hahaha..

Den sooner after tat, Daniel came back~~ * Hye Dan.. How was it?*

tHEn Daniel replied, oh yeah.. i bot u sumthng...

I was on the verge of falling down frm my chair.. like, i ask u other ques la dear... But the fact he bot me somethng, makes me happy n giddy.. *Ooooo, i hope its expensive!! heheh~ *
Turn out, its a handphone strap from World of Feng Shui, but dat doesnt really matter.. Wat matters the most tat, its for WEALTH!!!! OH my GOD!!!! Dan really know me.. Ahhhhhhh.. :p Im quite happy wit it!! hehehe~ yayyy~

tats it!! dun it look good on my phone? hehehe(`~') *come money come money!!*

and he gt new haircut too~ well, look better nw.. him, i mean.. huhuhhuh~~

erm.. later dat night, i checked my email in Msn.. and, wuuuuu~~ somebody sent me this website about disabled cats.. i read thru the whole article and found out tat i was crying.. the fact tat the cats in the sites were badly disabled ( gt some with only one legs, some blind..) i just cant help it... i cried.. to top it all up, i remembered my two deceased cats.. i cant help it nor can i control my feeling..

i just cried...

then, to my horror!! Farhan came out frm his room with his fren, Iwaz!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! I was so embarrassed cause here i am, sitting in frnt of my laptop, crying my heart out.. i was like, Damn!! Bad timing la u come out!! Hahhaha...

Anyway, they thought i was sick or sumthng n offered me food, asking me if i was okay or nt.. Aaawwwww.... hw cute~~ (^~^)

well, so they went out, and i continued my distrupted crying session just nw.. Yeeee~~ * crying is soo much fun >.<*

spent a couple hours in Facebook, in OWNED application cause i like it soo much.. Hhahah!! One of my pic cost well over 900K liao!! im like, yayyyy!! Hhahaha.. * Bitch!!! GTH *

Ignore tat jealous person over there.. hahah~ and then.. hurm.. wat did i do? huhuhuhh... o yeah, did my report.. hahaha~~

hahaha~ dats all.. ders so many mosquito nw!! wuuuuu~~

mosquito go away la!!!!

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Daniel^_^Chin said...

Hey, I actually replied "It's ok..." before I told u I bought u sumthing......memory loss~~~

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