Tuesday, May 6, 2008

~Monday Blue~

Monday, is always sooo BLUEEEEEEE~~~ Weeeeeeee................. (^~^)

i slept at around 7am and woke up at fcuking 9am!! WTH??

Wuuuuu.. Was soo sleepy le...

Went to class, with those red groggy eyes.. Cool eh? Hahahha~ * leer at Daniel ; Bitch, u woke me up late! *

Went straight away to my lecturer, and presented her wif my super super design!! ps: was feeling very confident!! super lame actually.. Hahahha~ Nooooooooooo!!!

After tat went to the Makanlah, to eat.. Well, the name says it all.. MAKANLAH!! hHehehe~

Ordered d usual Chinese Mix Rice and ask tofu for all my side-dishes.. Hahhaha~ Cool!! I luv TOFU!!!

TOFU TOFU TOFU!!! * yum yum *

Daniel ordered "THE Lamb Chop", thinking it was nice.. But its rock-hard, literally speaking.. Hahhaha.. Can't even cut it cause its too hard.. Its like, a rock.. U knw? A rock? Its soo hard.. Wooo.. I managed to cut an itsy-bitsy piece out of the lamb chop, and maaaaannnn!! Its as hard as it looks.. Hahahha.. Had ta chew really really hard!! * really hard.. >.<*

But lo and behold!!!

I just had ta stop a while to laugh.. Hehehehe... Well, ladies!! Ladies!! Pls tell me, why do u make us guys suffer? U knw, i do appreciate gurls wearing skimpy kind of clothes, but only if they have the "figure".. Hahahahaha~

So like, theres this particular girl in my school eh, well dun really knw wats her name or even, who she is, if dat matters.. haha... She was wearing this short skirt tat is soo oh-if-i-bend-down-u-can-see-my-panties.. CLEARLY!!! The skirt was annoyingly, short.. Theres no other word to it, its just too short.. Hahahha.. Well, i admit, shes tall n stuff, but... Gosh!! Good heaven!!! Mother Lord!!! etc etc... i bet she din notice tat between her thighs, theres big HUGEEEE lump of cellulites, and it looks like jelly.. hahahah!! oh my god!!! im so evil!!

tats her!!!


looks like it huh?

Hahahah... anyway, me, daniel, chris and momo was having a wonderful time just talking about the girl.. teasing her for committing fashion crimes etc etc.. hahah~
*like, tak sedar diri diri dis.,.. hahah*

then went to class... * again.. >.< * for the god-forsaken Built Environment class.. its a major pain-in-d-ass sub cause its soo boring!!! the lecturer.. err.. i wont say name la.. heheh... lets just say, this lecturer gives lecture to the walls, nt us.. nobody gave a damn attention to him.. huhuh~ and, as always, Me, urs truly, and Daniel, and Anne was deeply whoring with our camera phones.. I dunno where we gt this idea, but its really cool.. Hhahaah~



Anne so liking it..


i got caught up in d mood too.. heheh~

take a gud look of anne in dis picture.. hehehe~

its same right? hahah~

Anyway, later dat niht, while i was doin my work, theres a BITCHFIGHT!!!!

COOLL!!! AAARRRR!!! GRRRRR!!!! *i feel like joining too*

The 2 gurls were al over the floor, determined to break each other.. hahah.. they were pulling each other hair, etc etc.. Its soooo full of drama... *shed a tear, im so proud*


K la.. nitez... so malas wanna write nw.. need to finish my drawings!!

tuuu duu du~~

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