Monday, May 19, 2008

I guess i hv time for an entry now..

Well, i gota admit.. i'm pretty much nocturnal.. haha~ i simply just cant sleep early.. damn.. my sleep cycle is soo messed up.. haiz.. thnks to Uni life la.. and now its 5.30am, Monday.. haha~~ damn... lucky no class today.. Oh yeah, Its Wesak Day anyway, so Happy happy Wesak Day to those celebrating it.. :p

Oh and yeah, i've been discussing this thing wif Daniel just nw, on who really celebrates this thing.. i mean, in my mind, Wesak sounded like an Iban tribe festival, so of course i wud say, Its Iban ppl day.. Then Daniel just have to say, Its actually a Buddhist thing, making me sooo confused.. Of course, i wont take dat for an answer * u knw me, i can be pretty stubborn and naive at a time * hehe.. we argued for a while, until i call it a quit cause, its really gettng nowhere.. im gettng more confused as me n Dan argued about it.. hehe~ :p

Well, hurm.. i din do much today.. woke up at near 4pm.. Wow!! well, just WOW!! Dats like, haha... plain lame and plain rubbish.. if i did this kind of thing back hum, my dad would have hit me with a broom!! * imagine an old fat lady chasing somebody with a big bushy broom!! *
i did slept at around 7am la, so this "incident" is pretty, errr.. expected.. haha...

Oh and damn!!! Bitch!! Daniel parents came to the house, and i was still sleeping... waaaa!!! soooo rude of me!!!! wuuuuuuu!!! i mean, what will his parents think of me??? waaaaa!!!!! *stupid mosquitoes, ur the reason i had ta sleep late!! >.< *

hurm... went to Street Mall just now.. errr... as in, at around 6pm.. i intended to buy ink for my printer, but the shop was closed... dangggggg.... so, being me, a bitch-bastard tat really dun knw how to manage money well, i accidentally * purposely * bought sumthng else.. i bought groceries instead, although theres still so many food left in d house... the point is, im the type of guy tat will ALWAAAAYYYYSSSSSS buy sumthng when i go out, if i can help it, of course.. :p

i bought new toothbrush, red colour *sorry gys, no picture dis time.. im gonna take a time out from being a pic ho' for a while.. this thing just adds up to my vanity level.. SERIOUSLY!! * and i bought sumthng, an insect repellent tat runs on electricity.. haha.. die u mosquitoes!!! no chance of u ruining my sleep tonight! muahahah! *evil laugh*

hurm...i thnk dats all la about my day today.. haha~ did my journal agen tho nt making much progress cause my printer no ink.. and i do seriously need it to print sum materials for my journal.. waaaa!!!

well, its 5.42am now.... hurm.. shud i sleep nw? but im nt sleepy yet.. wat shud i do eh'? just watched The Golden Compass just nw, and its quite interesting, but hate the ending... was it supposed to end just like tat??? shudnt they finish their quest?? waaa!!! okay!! im gonna read the book now.. its beter, i think.. i guess... haha~

ok la... see ya~~ :p

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